Keeping Things In Perspective: Jodi Lebow, CollabNet VersionOne

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CollabNet VersionOne is a global software and services company that allows organizations to deliver high-quality software at speed. They help their customers develop and deploy cutting-edge applications by empowering their teams to scale enterprise-wide agility and DevOps across their software development lifecycle.

We spoke with Jodi Lebow about what led her into her role at CollabNet VersionOne, and the kind of work that she does.

What do you do at CollabNet VersionOne?

I’m the Senior Director of Demand Generation, and I lead the demand gen and marketing operations team. We focus on driving awareness, demand, and partnering with our sales team to keep their pipeline full. Together we work to generate new business for the company. We also get involved in supporting customer retention with campaigns for cross-selling, upselling, and expanding product use.

What got you interested in starting a career in marketing?

We’ve been fortunate to get to build out a crazy-cool martech stack that includes leading solutions like EverString.

I was actually pre-med with a plan to be a doctor in college, but was taking journalism classes to fulfill some undergraduate requirements. Somewhere around my junior year, I realized  I was really enjoying my journalism and PR classes, so I decided to join the School of Journalism and majored in public relations and advertising.

After I graduated, I took a job for a large advertising agency in Los Angeles, and worked there for several years. It was a great experience but I decided to go back to school to get my MBA in Marketing so I could use it as a transition to the client side.

After completing business school, I got a job with an expense reporting software company as a marketing manager, which is how I began my career in B2B software marketing.  As with many high-growth software companies, we got acquired by a bigger company and I had opportunities to take on new challenges and grow my career over the next few years.

In 2015 I joined VersionOne, which was more of a small company experience again. VersionOne merged with CollabNet in 2017 and it’s been great now fueling the combined growth.

So I’ve kind of been all across the board, but have found my stride in marketing at high-growth B2B technology companies.

Was there a defining moment when you knew you wanted to make marketing your career?

It was in school, when I was involved in several clubs and case competitions. I realized there was a really good synergy with my skills and the type of work I was doing – I enjoyed working on the creative side with people and on a lot of different projects in a fast-paced environment, but I was also pretty analytical and data-driven. Demand gen marketing seemed like a great marriage of things that were a fit for me.

What separates CollabNet VersionOne from your competitors?

VersionOne was a pioneer in the Agile space and has become a core part of the Agile community over the years, and CollabNet has been a pioneer in the version control community – they helped start that industry years ago.

After we merged, we’ve continued to be a company that’s still solely focused on the value stream management space. We’re 100% focused on enabling our customers’ success solely in our space. We took two companies that have this rich heritage and our respective key pieces and put them together.

What gets you excited about working at CollabNet VersionOne?

The EverString team has really gone that extra mile in partnering with us, and it’s made all the difference!

I love being a part of a dynamic industry — something that’s evolving and growing. The team here is made up of great people that make it really fun to come to work every day. We’re all very focused on our customers’ success. That’s reflected by how quickly we jumped into account-based marketing and won the SiriusDecisions Program of the Year award in 2017.

Finally, we’ve been fortunate to get to build out a crazy-cool martech stack that includes leading solutions like EverString. And as a marketer who wants to own a tech stack like this, it makes it really fun to do new things to help achieve our marketing goals.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

Good question! I was told to be passionate about what I do; to bring everything I can to the table, but to keep it in perspective. These are words I try to remember as I put forth a lot of dedication in my work but also try to maintain a sense of balance of finding time for things outside the office as well.

Name three marketers you admire?

Troy Thibodeau, Chief Marketing Officer at Ascentis Human Capital Management Software. He’s a wonderful marketing leader who I admire for his talent in cultivating strong marketing teams and marketers in growing businesses.

Kim Albrecht, Chief Marketing Officer at SAP Concur, brings creativity and passion to her work in building brands and helping tell their story to drive results in the market. She truly cares about her team and colleagues and truly exemplifies the word “leader”.

And Isabel Montesdeoca, Services Director, Demand Marketing Strategies at Forrester. She’s a world-class marketer – pun intended – with vast global experience leading marketing teams and now bringing her experience to bear to help demand marketers through her work at SiriusDecisions and Forrester.

What made you choose EverString?

EverString has definitely been a core piece of the puzzle in our account-based marketing strategy. Things are evolving, and we’re looking for ways to leverage data in a smart way to help us do better marketing. I think everyone should be using something like EverString to make all that happen.

Plus, I think that the EverString product is really strong, and the team of people behind it has shown us they were there to partner with us for success. The EverString team has helped guide us in a space that was new for us and didn’t just say, “here you go, here’s some access, figure it out.” They’ve asked us about our goals and helped ensure we would be successful. The EverString team has really gone that extra mile in partnering with us, and it’s made all the difference!

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