Legacy vs. Modern Data Providers

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When it comes to data providers, there are SO many to choose from. But amongst the sea of choices, there is a stark contrast between the two types of providers.

Legacy Data Providers

Legacy data providers give you the following data:

  • Firmographics
  • Contacts

The data from these providers tends to be fairly static. It’s collected from call centers and historical databases and isn’t updated very frequently. This means that while some of your data might be correct, most of it is already out of date the second it gets pushed from provider into your CRM.

Modern Data Providers

Modern Data Providers give you the following data:

The data you’ll receive from modern data providers will be ‘live’. Its collection process involves human input and artificial intelligence to continually evolve the data as companies evolve and people move in and out of them. By doing so, this provider is able to discover, clean, and operationalize B2B data for itself.

How to Choose

When thinking about what data provider to go with, using a T-chart can help you determine whether the provider is a legacy or modern data provider. Consider all the different types of data you will receive from a given provider, and be sure to do your research to make sure you’ve got the best provider possible.

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