How to Make the Most of Your Conference Experience with EverString’s Audience Platform

By March 2, 2017
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Going to a conference can be an exhilarating experience and very beneficial for uncovering new business. A little bit of prep work can help you focus in on making the right connections on the show floor and turning those conversations into booked appointments.

How does EverString do it? This little guide is the secret sauce of how we use the EverString Audience Platform to prep for conference success.

Step 1 – Identify

Look at the event history. When planning your team’s trip to an upcoming event, start with a list of attendees from the previous year as well as a list of current event sponsors. Companies with write ups and tweets from the previous event are also great to include in your list. This is the basis for your enhanced audience.

Step 2 – Find New Companies

Upload your list into EverString’s Audience Platform and it will identify similar companies inside your funnel as well as net-new accounts. While not everyone on this expanded audience list will be at the conference, through a little refinement, you can create some additional opportunities off the conference floor. Which brings us to…

Step 3 – Refine Your Audience

Narrow down your expanded audience by choosing criteria that are important to your business. As a bonus, I use this feature to find new accounts that are located in the metropolitan area. That way, I can schedule onsite meetings while I’m in town– nothing beats a face to face meeting with your prospects!

Step 4 – Target Prospects

Now that you’ve identified new companies, you can publish the accounts and associated contacts into your CRM, MAS, or outbound tool (we recommend SalesLoft!) and begin scheduling. Remember in Step 1 when you researched the prior year event for company write ups and Twitter mentions? Now is a great time to use that info as an icebreaker in your pre-event personalized sales outreach.

Step 5 – Reach Out (Pro Tip – Schedule in Advance!)

On Site

While exciting, conferences are always hectic. If your team doesn’t have a booth, take some time to scope out the coffee shops that are nearby the hotel. You’ll be able to skip the lines within the hotel Starbucks and get some much needed fresh air.

If you’ve been able to secure a meeting in advance, snag your prospect’s cell so that you can shoot them a text to remind them where you’re meeting. WiFi is often scarce at bigger shows and an unseen email reminder shouldn’t be a reason to miss out on meeting your prospect!

Off Site

Headed into your territory? Use the EverString Audience Platform to identify companies nearby that look like your Target Account List.

Use Twitter

If the conference has an official hashtag, search for the “latest” tweets every day in order to see who is excited to head to the show. By sharing that they’re attending, they’re advertising they want to meet new people!

Step 6 – Don’t Forget the Booth!

Unable to score a meeting with a decision maker of a sponsor? Head to the company’s booth to chat with their team. If your target isn’t around, their team may be able to give you greater insights into what’s going on in the company, preparing you for when you do secure a meeting.

After the Show

Congrats! You’ve made it through. To prioritize your follow ups, upload the accounts back into EverString and we’ll score them against where you’ve been historically successful or your Target Account List. Follow up with everyone you meet, met with, and missed at the show!

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