Making Sense of Data Indicators

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In this video, we’ll discuss indicators derived from Modern Data providers. Legacy data providers will simply give you data points, that are essentially snapshots in time of a business. Modern data providers apply machine learning and AI to data, to generate new types of data – indicators. Indicators can tell you things like a whether or not a company has a high likelihood to grow, whether a company is likely to require funding or whether a company is a high or low risk for insurance or credit lending.


Video Transcript:

“Hey everybody, Matt Amundson here with another Modern Data Tip.

So looking at legacy versus modern data providers, what’s the real difference?

Well, Legacy Data Providers will give you firmographic and contact data. Modern Data Providers will provide you the same firmographic and contact data, but what they also give you is a whole lot more: things like indicators.

So what’s an indicator?

An indicator might be, how likely is this business to grow? How likely is it to need funding? How big of a risk is it to companies that do insurance or provide credit lending?

So when you’re buying a data provider, you gotta think, are they a Legacy Data Provider or are they a Modern Data Provider, and do I want things like indicators? That can make a huge difference in the way you go to market.”

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