Marketers: You Can Now Use Data to Help Define and Personalize Your Content and Messaging

By July 6, 2016
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As marketers, we are constantly trying to refine our messaging and segmentation so that we can send as many personalized messages as possible. We’re trying to be relevant in many different unique scenarios and get the attention of people who have very little attention to spare.

Luckily, marketing technology has largely kept up with the challenges of the modern marketer. Predictive marketing now helps marketers use both internal and external deep data insights to create messages that will resonate with target accounts. Predictive provides intel for 20,000 different data signals about a company. Using unique crawling capabilities, third party vendors, and more, predictive provides marketers access to this deep data for all of their accounts.

How Can Data Impact My Personalization Strategy?

Data is only for demand generation marketers and marketing ops right? Not anymore!

Predictive marketing doesn’t have your creativity or your experience, so it doesn’t actually create the content for you or provide you with the perfect subject line. However, it can help guide your content and messaging based on critical attributes of your top accounts. But from there, it’s up to you to create awesome personalized content using that data.

Predictive Segments: An Email Marketer’s Dream

Okay, maybe this section header is pushing it a bit. But predictive segments allow you to take predictive insights and create segments in your marketing automation platform based on data. This streamlines the creation of custom nurture tracks and gives you data-backed insight on what to say to the prospects within these different segments. Come on, that’s pretty cool.

Predictive, of course, can’t tell you exactly what to say to solicit responses from your target accounts (we wish), but it can help you decide which data points are relevant for your messaging. For example, maybe your predictive platform tells you that 25% of your target accounts have received a new funding within the past three months. You can upload that group of accounts to a unique high growth nurture track and create messaging around optimizing for high growth.

Personalizing Your Website With Predictive

With predictive insights you can create unique website experiences for your target accounts. Using something like Marketo’s Real-Time Personalization you can use your website as another way to personalize.

Let’s return to our example. If you know from predictive insights that 25% of your target accounts are high growth companies, why not greet those accounts with an experience that is relevant to companies experiencing high growth? Since your predictive platform integrates with your web personalization platform, you can easily create these experiences. Work with your designer to create different banners or pop ups that relate to your predictive segments.

How to Create a Personalized Content Strategy With Predictive

Many of you will already have a content strategy in place before implementing predictive marketing. Don’t worry, there are many ways to personalize your content without writing an entire content piece just for a target company or a company segment.

Think about creating personalized content in two tiers: hyper-personalized content and personalized content. We’ll show you how predictive segments and insights help you with this.

Tier 1: Hyper-personalized Content

While creating hyper-personalized content usually requires more effort, it creates larger returns. If you have an Account-Based Marketing strategy, you should consider creating hyper-personalized content for your top target accounts. Think about receiving content created just for you and your company as you build a relationship with a potential vendor—pretty compelling right? This can be a big selling point for a tier one target account—those big sales whales.

Here are a few ways to create hyper-personalized content:

  • Pull together an account-based webinar for a large target account. Invite members from different headquarters and departments to a webinar based around a problem they are trying to solve
  • Create a one-of-a-kind report for a target account addressing a pain point they’ve expressed in their communication with your sales team
  • Create an infographic featuring something meaningful to their company—maybe that’s incorporating their headquarters into the infographic or using their public data to make the infographic unique and hyper-relevant for that account

Tier 2: Personalized Content

Creating personalized content can be largely a repurposing effort of existing content. Predictive insights help you anticipate which segments of your database will respond to different kinds of content.

There are a few ways to repurpose your content to make it feel more relevant:

  • Change the title of the piece to reflect the name of an account or the industry
  • Have your designer provide a few different cover pages for ebooks and cheatsheets that reflect the insights you’ve found like– “Marketing Technology in Financial Services”
  • Create multiple targeted landing pages for a piece of content to personalize based on predictive insights

Marketers are under a ton of pressure right now to come up with strategies to help move accounts through the funnel. With predictive marketing, marketers can be more targeted and effective with their marketing message! Go create some custom experiences for your target accounts.

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