[Infographic] The AI Rocketship is Taking Off, Are You On Board?

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Whether your company is focused on stepping up your prospecting game, narrowing your focus on the best accounts or wanting to sell their products to new industries, AI is here to take you through the ever-expanding AI universe so that you can close more deals, fast. And, if you haven’t already, now is a great time to get on board with AI.

According to Demandbase, 80% of marketing execs say AI will “revolutionize” their industry in 5 years1. Salesforce also stated that 72% of businesses are using AI for predictive lead scoring2. With AI gaining more and more steam with your competitors and the B2B business world in general, you need to be using the latest AI sales and marketing platforms to discover high-growth targets, focus your resources on high-priority leads and conquer new markets.

It’s clear AI is completely changing the game for salespeople and marketers of all types. The AI rocketship is taking off, so make sure your company doesn’t get left behind!


Mission Meteoric Growth with A.I. & EverString

Download a PDF of the infographic.

If you want to hop on the AI rocketship to transform your sales and marketing growth, try out EverString for free.


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