Ask a Prospect for Time. Now!

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In this video, I talk about one of my biggest frustrations with sales development — the call to action at the end of each email. Oftentimes, calls to action reference booking a meeting the following week or “sometime this month”. Here’s a simple suggestion to expedite the process.


Video Transcript:

“Hey everybody, Matt Amundson here with another Modern Sales Development Tip.

So one mistake I see SDRs making all the time is that they often ask for time with a prospect next week.

This is a big mistake, right?

Any salesperson will tell you that speed kills all deals. So if you’ve got somebody that’s really excited about your product, why ask them for next week when you could ask them for later today, how about in an hour?

It’s a great way to get somebody who’s really excited in front of a salesperson right now.”

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