‘Moji Madness—What Does Your Favorite Emoji Say About You?

By March 17, 2016
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It’s no secret that emojis have become a part of our everyday lives—people send about 6 billion of them per day 😱. What was once invented as a seemingly non-polarizing way to convey our emotions, has become a pop culture sensation. It’s even made its way into the business world! Let’s be real—as a social media marketer, I am always using emojis and looking out for other marketers using them too.  🙌

With March Madness getting everyone in the mood for brackets 😏, we started asking ourselves–which emoji would win a ‘Moji Madness Bracket 👑, and what do all of these emojis say about our different marketing personas? Let’s explore.

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The ‘Laugh it Off’ Marketers —😂

Characterized by their use of the most popular emoji on Twitter, the laughing cry face 😂, ‘Laugh it Off’ marketers are those we define as marketers who love responding to content on Twitter with a funny caption even more than they love actually posting content. You probably have these marketers in your Twitter stream. ‘Laugh it Off’ marketers or often likely to sympathize with their favorite emoji because they’re new to the industry. They try to play it off when they don’t totally get something, but feel the need to respond anyway 😅. You can also find these marketers using other cry face emojis—like this guy 😭 when their Tweets don’t get any likes, or this one 😓 when they have to delete and re-type Tweets that they accidentally sent out with a typo. Oops. 😰

The ‘I Love Everything’ Marketers—😍

You’ve probably encountered our next group of marketers on Instagram the most. ‘I Love Everything’ marketers do exactly that—they heart 💞 everything. These marketers love to double tap photos in their Instagram stream, and will often leave comments with the most popular emoji on Instagram—the red heart 💞❤️. Be slightly cautious of ‘I Love Everything’ marketers because they are also first ones to give their stamp (or Tweet) of approval on the latest marketing trends without really looking into these trends first.  They totally had Ello accounts, and will say they’re experimenting with SnapChat for their startup businesses👻. That being said, having a few of these marketers in your network can be a good thing. These guys can be fond of heart-ing your top-of-funnel posts on Twitter and engaging with your Facebook updates by using the love reaction. And everyone needs a little more love in their lives!

The ‘Super Focused’ Marketers—🙅

Okay, so we all know that there’s a lot of content out there these days constantly competing for buyers’ attention. Demand generation marketers have come to accept this, and acknowledge that it can be tough to reach an audience through all of the noise 🙉. To adapt to the ever-changing social wild, these marketers have become ‘Super Focused’ marketers. You can spot this persona by their use of the👌in their reply to Tweets that they enjoy, and they likely have an emoji in their bios.💃 ‘Super Focused’ marketers are often the first to be on board with the latest and greatest marketing strategies–like account-based marketing. They’re targeting their social outreach to key target accounts and re-targeting website visitors through their paid social ads. ‘Super Focused’ marketers are highly sought after followers, so you should definitely take note if you spot one in your social network.

The ‘Forever Trendy’ Marketers —😎

‘Forever Trendy’ marketers keep up on the latest and great trends in their space, and love to create and share their own content. You can spot a ‘Forever Trendy’ marketer by her use of the 💯 or 🔥 emoji on posts as her stamp of approval. They’re likely using these emojis in response to your Tweets to keep you engaged and moving through her company’s sales funnel. But as the saying goes, don’t hate the player…marketer? Hate the game 🙊. ‘Forever Trendy’ marketers will also tend to shy away from traditional, stock photography and prefer using real photos from around their office, or of their dog 🐶 or cat 🐱. Since this persona likes to stay ahead of the curve,‘Forever Trendy’ marketers enjoy using predictive marketing platforms to identify net-new leads to focus in on. A trendy marketer will target these leads with amazing, pop-culture references in their content. Drake and predictive scoring, anyone?  🙌🙌🙌

So Which Set of Emojis Reign Supreme?

In my opinion, you should strive to be a mix of our ‘Forever Trendy’ marketer and ‘Super Focused’ marketer personas, which are personified by the ninja-arms girl🙅 and cool guy 😎 emojis. By mixing cutting-edge trends and complex marketing strategies, you can truly win it on social and in the emoji game!

So which is our favorite emoji? We’re going to go with the ninja-arms girl since she looks like she can get in touch with any prospect or influencer with her bada** ninja-arms. But, if she’s riding the unicorn emoji, you should definitely look out, you’re probably one of her target accounts!

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