Musk and Zuckerberg Debate A.I., the Power of Personality-Based Selling, Marketers Speak Out

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This week, we’ve seen a lot of discussion (and some drama) around A.I. and how its rapid advancement in many industries is beginning to change the conversation around how business operates. Digital marketers also offered their two cents about the state of the industry, revealing some key insights for the future. Read on to find out more:

1. Marketers Talk Strategy and Share Optimism in Eye-Opening Survey

According to a recent survey highlighted in Marketing Land, marketers are starting to take a step back and really think about strategies that work, from SEO tactics to social selling. 45% of marketers also indicated that they would be increasing their budgets this year, showing signs of growth overall in online and digital marketing. The survey also indicated that online marketers are optimistic about the future and happy with their results – this is definitely the kind of news we like to hear heading into the weekend.

Read more about the survey here.

2. A.I. and Automation Won’t Destroy the Workforce

Like Zuckerberg mentioned in our other news story, A.I. sometimes strikes unnecessary worry in a lot of people these days. Thanks to many movies and TV shows, some believe a robot invasion is headed our way, and they’re taking our jobs with them. However, a recent NewCo Shift article talks about a recent report that delves into how A.I. will actually improve corporate productivity as well as worker engagement. In short, A.I. is expected to have a massive and beneficial impact on the workplace, and the economy, in the next few decades.

Check it out here.

3. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Face Off over A.I.

When two of the biggest titans in innovation start having a feud on social media about A.I., you can bet that people are going to take notice. While Zuckerberg stated that he was “really optimistic” about A.I. and was tired of the fear mongering around it, Musk took a cautious stance suggesting A.I. regulations and said publicly on Twitter that Zuckerberg’s “understanding of the subject is limited.” Shots fired.

See more about this ongoing debate here.

4. SalesLoft Champions Personality-Based Selling

In a recent blog post, SalesLoft walked through everything you need to know about how to understand the personality of your prospects so that you can cater your approach toward their specific needs. There is a great video from Andrew Davidson, a sales development rep at SalesLoft, that talks through different personality types and what you can do to communicate effectively with each of them, from email tips to the tone of your voice during calls.

Find out more about personality-based selling from SalesLoft here.

5. Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Closing Deals

Closing deals can be tough, even with experienced sales leaders. Recognizing those roadblocks is one of the first steps to perfecting your pitch and fine-tuning your sales strategy. Asking the right questions, selling value instead of benefits and taking a multi-thread approach are just a few of the suggestions we offer in this recent blog post – check it out!

Tune in next week for an updated look at all of the best news stories of the week surrounding A.I., sales and marketing.

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