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By January 22, 2016
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Culture is such an important part of why you come to work everyday. It permeates every activity you do–from the simple meeting, to hanging out at lunch, to those crunch-time moments where you need the support of your team. Culture is a key reason why people come to your company and a key reason why they stay (or go).

But culture is hard to define–especially for an incoming employee. By defining what core values you embody as a company, you can begin evangelizing your culture both internally and externally.

The culture of EverString is as unique as the service we provide to our customers. Just like no two people are the same, no two companies are alike, each functioning and evolving like living organisms. At EverString, we embrace a philosophy of individual growth within a team construct. We seek to create a mindset within the company that is propelled by an expectation of achievement, and the organizational support to help make that achievement possible.

Our culture is built upon five core values: innovation, excellence, introspection, transparency, and ‘one team, one goal’. Using a similar construct, you can begin creating core values in your own company! Here is what we did:


The idea that only engineers can be innovative is one that we simply don’t subscribe to at EverString. We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of roles, responsibilities, and job title should be innovative. We know that the ability to recognize problems and find creative solutions is not exclusive to those who code; everyone who works at EverString is capable of innovation, and we expect each other to constantly develop that propensity.

Each person is given autonomy in their role and asked to contribute their best practices, thoughts, and ideas to improve our processes and organization. By constantly challenging the status quo through new ideas, processes, and different approaches, the EverString team as a whole naturally generates a forward momentum that defines our work.


Excellence is a subjective term across the broad spectrum of companies here in Silicon Valley (and across the world for that matter), but here is our version: we have an unapologetic commitment to not only a certain standard of work, but also to creating a culture that helps our employees thrive.

We seek A-players and go-getters who are also problem solvers and team players. Our larger goal to create a category-defining company is rooted in the DNA of the individual employees who intertwine their talent and skills into the fabric of the EverString culture. We encourage employees to fill gaps as soon as they see them, and know that they don’t have to jump through unnecessary hoops in order to do so. We want everyone to be elevated by working at EverString, and by hiring excellent employees, our simple expectation is that they be just that: excellent.


We believe in relentless self-improvement coupled with enlightened self-awareness. We value humility, the ability to seek and embrace feedback, and then course correct without ego or friction. An ability to be centered and look inward, regardless of any external chaos, should be the calling card of an EverString employee.

At the end of the year, our CEO addressed the entire company with a list of his “50 biggest mistakes”. This address detailed each individual failure that he had felt throughout the entire year, and then what he planned to do to rectify these personal disappointments. This presence of an unbreakable feedback loop is a fundamental pillar for EverString. From the leadership down, we place the most importance not in accountability to superiors, but to ourselves. We firmly believe that if each employee has a healthy and productive view of his or her strengths and weaknesses, that EverString as a whole will be unstoppable.


It’s no secret that this can be a cliché buzz word for companies describing themselves to the public. But for us, it means much more than a PR image. At EverString, we operate with a creed to treat everyone as an owner, because each employee takes pride and ownership in our mission. We know that the company only operates as effectively as its employees do, and the key to smooth sailing is an informed and communicative crew. Through open dialogue, honesty, and unshakeable integrity, we strive for a culture that needs no closed doors. Life at EverString should always include discussing setbacks as much as successes and providing everyone a clear view of the state of the company and its workings. By creating an atmosphere of communication and authenticity, we become unrestrained by things that don’t matter, which enables us to focus more on the things that do.


The EverString team doesn’t just include the people who work here, it includes every single person or business that uses our technology. We know that in order for us to succeed, our customers must succeed. The hallmark of any great team is a synchronization of desires and abilities to achieve a clearly defined goal. Our broader goal is to become the category-defining company. The achievement of that common vision is only possible through empowered colleagues, a team approach to all tasks, and constant collaboration. We believe that working together whenever possible not only improves the odds of a task being completed successfully, but it also builds a stronger team in the process. By locking arms with our customer base and listening to their feedback, as well as each other’s, there is no limit to what EverString can achieve.

The core values of EverString are the foundation upon which our company is built. We want everyone who walks in our doors to be immediately aware of the unique approach we have taken to create our culture. By embracing individuality while prioritizing teamwork, EverString has achieved the success it has today—and we are just getting started.

We’re always looking for new team members who share our core values, so if this sounds like you, let us know.

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