Nucleus Research Case Study Highlights Powerful Capabilities of EverString and Marketo

By April 19, 2017
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Meeting business challenges with AI capabilities is what EverString is all about. That’s why our team was excited to hear about a new case study published by Nucleus Research, a firm focused on helping clients better understand the where, how and why behind the business world and technology.

Bridging Gaps Between Marketing Teams and Predictive Intelligence

As Nucleus Research points out in the case study, there are 3 main reasons why marketing software users have not leveraged marketing intelligence to date:

  1. Users are unsure how to put marketing intelligence into practice.
  2. Customers don’t fully understand the value of a marketing department fueled by data and intelligence.
  3. The solutions some marketers are currently using don’t have intelligence capabilities.

These findings couldn’t be more timely, especially since many executives are increasingly relying on marketing departments to back up their work with metrics and data-driven decision making. Because of this, Nucleus decided to put the spotlight on one company that championed marketing intelligence by relying on EverString and Marketo solutions.

Nucleus decided to look at a commerce service provider that implements, optimizes and maintains Salesforce Commerce Cloud SAP Hybris and Magento commerce deployments for businesses. With Marketo, the provider was able to integrate with its previous CRM for basic campaign goals. Then, the provider used EverString to dig deeper into advanced analytics and predictive functionality, giving an additional edge behind its lead-targeting goals.

Marketing Intelligence Gets Results

In the end, having a data-driven marketing strategy with Marketo and EverString paid off for the provider in several quantifiable ways.

  1. Bolstering sales effectiveness. EverString’s lead scoring models allowed the provider to track tens of thousands metrics per account, giving them everything they needed to know about a company’s background. After just one month, the amount of business coming from top-tier accounts increased by 5%.
  2. Improving sales leads and opportunities. Creating more sales leads is undoubtedly a big goal for any marketing program. By running more intelligent marketing campaigns, the provider has been able to gain 25 to 35 new opportunities per quarter, accounting for 15% to 20% of its quarterly revenue.
  3. Increasing sales and marketing account targeting. Through Marketo and EverString, the provider had a more accurate idea of what leads to target — and just as importantly — when to target them. By being more tactical and data-driven with their approach, the provider was able to increase sales revenue by $150,000 after 30 days.

“EverString was central to the commerce provider’s ability to develop a data-driven, results-oriented marketing department. Its lead scoring models, for example, enabled the company to increase business coming from top tier accounts by 5% after one month. That is a short payback period.” – Moira Smalley, Research Analyst at Nucleus Research

It’s clear that in the digital age, sales and marketing teams need to continue to leverage intelligent platforms that take the guesswork out of insights and targeting. Like this case study shows, innovative companies are already starting to see how prioritizing this technology can give them an edge in the competition.

To see how EverString and Marketo helped this provider incorporate a data-driven marketing program, download the case study to learn more.

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