From One SDR to Another: What You Need to Know to Get The Most Out of Dreamforce

By September 30, 2016
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SDR on fire

Hey fellow SDRs, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to remind you that Dreamforce is next week. Salesforce has promised us over 150,000 prospects from 78 countries, 11.7 million SalesforceLIVE viewers, and 1600 breakout sessions, which makes for the biggest Dreamforce yet! A show of this size can be daunting for any team, but don’t stress, here are the things you need to know to get the most out of Dreamforce.

Set Goals to Hit Throughout the Event

Like tackling any large project, I suggest setting multiple goals for yourself to hit throughout the event. These can be goals set for you by your execs or they can be personal goals.

Company Goals

At EverString–the goals are simple–set as many meetings as possible before the show starts (hello, 10 meeting bonus!), attend all of the events that EverString is co-sponsoring, and scan as many people at the booth is possible.

*Pro tip for setting meetings: With over 150,000 attendees at Dreamforce, it can be daunting to identify who to reach out to first to set meetings. A good place to start is by looking at the Dreamforce sponsor list. From there, look to which companies have invested in booths at the Cloud Expo, or which companies are hosting events. If a company is making a reasonable investment in their presence at this event, there’s a good chance a decision maker will be headed to San Francisco! This is your opportunity to get in front of the person that will champion your next deal.

Personal Goals

Along with contributing to your team’s goals, you should have personal goals for the show. You want a promotion, right? You at least want to get ahead of next quarter. Well, this is a great opportunity to make progress in these areas.

Your personal goals can be related to increasing your personal brand recognition and networking. But, I encourage you to set your sites higher. Historically, we’ve seen a lot of success by (literally) getting in front of target accounts at massive trade shows that we have been having a hard time getting into through our normal channels.


Kick Your Social Selling Game Into High Gear

In our office, social selling is all the rage. Even if you haven’t dabbled in social selling, interacting with prospects on social related to an upcoming or ongoing event is very effective. Take the opportunity to start social selling around Dreamforce!

To interact with the prospects attending the show, follow the official Dreamforce twitter handle or search for the hashtag, #DF16. See if your prospects are out on twitter talking about the show, and start up a conversation. If your prospects aren’t on Twitter, there’s a good chance they may be one of the 1,600+ that have joined the LinkedIn Dreamforce group! Starting a conversation on social is a great way to stand out vs. sending an email that will probably get lost in the mix.

*Pro tip: Remember, it’s best to keep any hard selling off of social. Use LinkedIn and Twitter as a way to establish a professional connection before picking up the phone or writing an email.

Take Your Meetings Out of the Expo Hall

The showroom floor is not the place to have an in-depth conversation about use cases for your product or to pull in a colleague for a full demo. If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that booked meeting space while the show is going on, take advantage of it! EverString will be at Open Lounge—come say hi!

If your company hasn’t booked space, though, no big deal. Check out Apttus’ list of lounges and parties happening around Dreamforce. There are great places on this list to meet your prospects in a place without all the craziness of a show floor. Having a hard time wrangling a prospect to commit to an “on the calendar” meeting? Have her meet you for a drink at the Engagio MoMA party! It’s going to be an incredible evening of modern art and cocktails.

Anything Else I Need to Know About the Show? … Just a Few More Things

Not sure what to wear at Dreamforce? Don’t stress. While not all of us have been so lucky to get EverString branded Nikes (thanks, Marketing!), Silicon Valley chic is always appropriate. Think nice jeans and your company shirt. You’ll be surprised by how many people will  know your company logo and want to talk to you! It’s an easy conversation starter.

Also, if you’re not scheduled to be at the booth or to be at a networking event, check out some of the 1,600 amazing sessions at the show. That’s where a lot of your prospects will be. Strategically pick the sessions you attend based on where your target persona might be.

Be sure to swing by EverString booth #125 to grab some of our sweet swag! And don’t forget to follow up with prospects after the show. That’s when the real selling begins…Happy Dreamforce!


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