Optimize Digital Ads with Intent Data

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Traditional digital advertising is a great way to attract new prospects to your website, but it can only capture a small percentage of your total addressable market. In this video, I’ll break down how marketers can leverage intent data to gain visibility into companies actively researching their product or solution.

Video Transcript:

“Hey everybody, Matt Amundson here with another Modern Marketing Tip.

Most modern marketing organizations are running some sort of digital ad campaign, and that’s a great way to attract buyers that are looking for a solution directly to your website.

If this cluster here is representative of all the companies that are looking for a solution like yours, unfortunately only a small fraction will actually click on these ads.

But intent data can give you visibility into all these businesses who are actively researching a solution like yours. So, if you want to be able to proactively reach out to these accounts, prior to them actually clicking on one of your ads, or landing on your website, you need to add intent data in your marketing stack.”

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