EverString Adds 70 Million Verified Contacts To Master B2B Database And Delivers A Record-Breaking Quarter

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November 2019 — San Mateo, California: EverString, a leading B2B data provider has announced a major product release that introduces 70 million new, verified contacts to the company’s master B2B database, representing momentous growth for the organization. The new product release significantly strengthens EverString’s position as a primary source of B2B data and contributed to the strongest quarter in company history.

EverString’s growth in B2B data comes thanks to AI-enhanced crawling and verification systems, human-in-the-loop quality controls, and the development of a business-oriented machine learning system. Initially, EverString introduced over 35 million contacts to its platform in early 2019. After scaling the technology EverString rapidly doubled its coverage, bringing the company’s master database to 70 million verified contacts and removing the need for all third-party contact partnerships.

The expansion in contacts came as the result of strategic foresight from EverString’s Leadership Team. “Through extensive data tests we continually found that most data providers were reselling the same outdated information, causing dirty data to be recycled throughout the market masked as ‘verified’,” said EverString CEO and Co-Founder J.J. Kardwell. “To deliver unrivaled contact quality through our platform, we developed a system that performs automated, real-time validation of information on a massive scale. This has allowed us to eliminate partnerships with all third-party contact providers, while simultaneously increasing data reliability for our customers.”

By synthesizing trillions of digital footprints into a single B2B database, account records from EverString include extensive firmographic, technographic, and intent data, and contact records include verified job titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and business social profiles, all with over 90% accuracy.

Performing millions of daily searches 24×7, the system processes relevant information across key global markets. These data points are cataloged and modeled through an automated feedback loop, creating a continuous learning system for B2B information. A proprietary AI Control Platform (AICP) is used to ensure machine learning input data stays pristine, and to ensure machine learning outputs are closely monitored.

“With our new contact data offering we are helping our customers solve a critical last-mile problem in the most cost-effective way possible,” said Kardwell. “We have designed an automated validation and verification system to handle even generic email status, as well as a proprietary phone number verification system with unrivaled throughput. All this enables EverString to offer 99.8% coverage, with over 90% accuracy.”

Such a robust data foundation helped EverString onboard many new enterprise customers, including Advance Publications and Illumina, ending Q3 with the highest new bookings and total revenue in company history.

EverString is looking ahead to a strong Q4 and 2020 as well. The company’s roadmap includes increasing the volume of verified email and phone numbers, as well as providing enhanced location-level details and corporate linkage information.

About EverString

DaaS-Team-B2B-Data-EverStringEverString helps B2B teams build pipeline, prioritize prospects, and streamline operations through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and a proprietary Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) system.

EverString’s data-as-a-service platform provides direct access to B2B account data with the highest accuracy and coverage, including firmographics, technographics, contacts, machine learning insights, and intent signals.

EverString Audience Platform® (EAP) puts the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the most reliable data directly into the hands of marketing, sales, and operations teams. With EAP, users are able to quickly expand and prioritize their pipeline, gain insight into relevant prospects, and improve the performance of internal analytics and operations.

EverString is backed by leading investors including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, IDG Ventures, and Lakestar. Visit EverString online for more information.

Media Contact: Michelle Pizzo, marketing@everstring.com

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