Demand Gen Report: ABM Continues to Skyrocket with B2B Orgs

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Demand Gen Report: ABM Continues to Skyrocket with B2B Orgs

Demand Generation Report just released its 2nd annual Account Based Marketing (ABM) benchmark study: The year-over-year trend shows growing adoption of ABM within B2B teams and continued positive results.

Even with the increase, the majority of teams are still in the early days of implementation and struggling with data challenges as they run their pilots. Far too many teams just starting their ABM program will recognize their situation in this respondent’s words:

“… we rely on several databases that aren’t synched and waste hours pouring over combined Excel sheets to segment and target our audience.”

The Future of ABM Lies in Clean, In-Depth Company Data

Marketing teams know they need utilize in-depth company profiles that go far beyond firmographics to help them make decisions around who to include in their target account lists, including technographic, psychographic and intent data. 39% of respondents indicated they plan to work with AI and predictive solutions like EverString for this purpose, as these platforms maintain an automatically updated clean, comprehensive, in-depth database of all of their companies of interest. It’s clear B2B companies are beginning to recognize that data quality drives the quality of business results from data science.

39% of respondents said they planned to use predictive to build target account lists

Given the amount of manual and tedious effort team members invest to identify target accounts, it’s no wonder less than half of sales and marketing teams were aligned around the definition of their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). When there isn’t data-driven consensus about this foundational element of strategy – who the target is – it’s not surprising to see lack of alignment as the top obstacle in expanding ABM programs.

One of the most distressing and disappointing insights was a lack of executive buy-in, with one respondent sharing:

“… our CEO does not understand the value … or need for clean data and tools to enable customer segmentation and analysis”

Your Recipe for ABM Success

The recipe for ABM success is deceptively simple:

  • Start with a big bowl of best in class B2B data
  • Stir in powerful predictive analytics → for account selection strategy you and your sales team can feel confident about
  • Add in the relevant, accurate sales intelligence → needed to speed up the sales cycle
  • Repeat as often as necessary to stay agile

EverString’s applied AI platform for B2B sales and marketing is the “Blue Apron” for your ABM program – providing all of the key ingredients in one self-service package so you can quickly launch and optimize ABM in your organization – no matter your size or stage.

To see how your organization can further an ABM strategy with predictive solutions and optimized company data, try out EverString for free with our 7-day trial.

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