[REPORT] Data-Driven Marketing for Enterprise Class Companies – Key Findings

By October 21, 2016
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At an enterprise organization, personalizing your communication with key accounts and contacts is essential to initiate any kind of meaningful engagement with the companies that matter most to your business.

But as we well know, the data collection behind creating relevant communication can be a complex and time-consuming task.

This report seeks to understand what top enterprise organizations are doing to achieve true personalization at scale and how predictive marketing can help enterprise organizations achieve this faster and with more ease.

EverString in partnership with Ascend2 fielded the Data-Driven Marketing Survey and completed interviews with 229 marketing influencers, 131 of whom work for enterprises with more than 500 employees.

Check out the full report here. In this post, we will talk about some key findings that indicate the rise of industry trends.

The Majority of Enterprise Companies are Attempting Personalize Experiences Without Quality Data

Enriching data quality and completeness is the most significant barrier to success for enterprise organizations, yet their most important goal is personalizing the customer experience. These stats are at odds with one another because you can’t effectively personalize without quality data.


As an example, most marketers use automated personalization functionality, like tokens, in their marketing automation tools. Tokens enable marketers to personalize based on name, company, and other attributes. However, if you don’t have the proper data, your personalization falls flat. For instance, you might send an email out with the wrong first name, company, or location. This can quickly cause your recipient to opt-out.

At a deeper level, data drives all personalization efforts. In order to provide relevant, personalized experiences, you need to be confident that you have the correct insights and context on your buyers. You should certainly strive for the data quality and completeness to send the right email to the right person, but that is just scratching the surface for how data can have an impact on your personalization efforts.

B2B Buyers are exhibiting tens of thousands of signals across the internet. With modern applications of AI and applied data science, we are capable of not only capturing this data, but turning this data into actionable information for personalization.


The Importance of Data-Driven Marketing in Long Complex Sales Cycles Signals the Rise of Account-Based Strategies

The majority of enterprise organizations report that data-driven marketing is essential to long and complex sales cycles involving multiple decision makers. We all know data-driven marketing is important. With the advent of marketing automation, marketers began to track the buyer journey, and deeply understand their ideal buyer persona.

With long complex sales cycles involving multiple decision makers, you are talking about building relationships with multiple leads within one organization. If you are only going after your ideal buyer persona, you will likely run into trouble getting buy-in from other decision makers. Or even worse, you could be spending a ton of time and resources marketing to the perfect lead at an account that is a bad fit for your business.



More and more marketers are turning to account-based strategies to solve this problem. Account-based strategies require sales and marketing teams to work together to land and expand named accounts. These tactics require new levels of personalization for individual decision makers and for the account. These new levels of personalization take a ton of time and resources on the part of go-to-marketing teams.

Predictive marketing platforms provide the context and the data science to identify the best fit accounts worthy of a go-to-market teams’ time and effort. With over 20,000 curated data signals from 27 million B2B accounts, platforms like EverString provide the context and insights that sales reps and marketers need to effectively engage buyers. Our unique Company Graph enables you to have a point-of-view on every company—providing in-depth analysis and insight into your target accounts so you can personalize your target account experiences with the most complete and accurate data.

Want more insights? Check out the full Ascend2 Benchmark Research Report: Data-Driven Marketing For Enterprise Class Companies: With Personalization Strategies and practices.

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