The Sales Development Rep’s Guide to Dreamforce 2016

By September 27, 2016
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wake up to success at dreamforce

Congratulations, SDR, you’ve been called up to the big leagues. Your company believes in you enough to ship you off to Dreamforce in San Francisco for 4 days of prospecting and booth duty. This is your moment to prove your worth – it’s time to get some amazing meetings booked for your sales team.

The average SDR will spend 10 or so hours at the booth vying for peoples’ attention as the attendees traverse the massive sea of booths hoping find something meaningful on the floor of Moscone. This SDR will leave her cell phone in her backpack the entire time. He will smile and say “hi” 10,000 times. She will act like each person she meets works for a company that you’ve heard of before and is “Soooooo, cool.”

But you’re not an average SDR.  You’re not content to work a 10 hour day. You want more. You want a promotion! So when the sun goes down, or you get a 2-hour break, or your shift ends for the day, do yourself a favor and go the extra mile. I’m going to tell you how to do it. Vendors are setting up prospecting hot zones for you all over the place and it’s up to you to take advantage of them. Make sure you’ve packed your walking shoes and bring an extra dose of courage because it takes guts to make this plan work.

They Will Build It, So You Should Come …

The large vendors (or those with deep pockets) have set up numerous events dedicated to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), so you should go to these. There are lounges, coffee spots, lunches, dinners, parties, and get-togethers set up all throughout Dreamforce.  Here are some good ones for you to target:

Apttus Sales Lounge: Head to this location if you target sales people. Apttus targets companies that run Salesforce as their CRM. The majority of people at this event will be either VPs of Sales or Sales Operations. Most visitors will be chilling in the lounge talking about how they’re poised for a BIG Q4. Capitalize on this. It’s open all 5 days from 8am-6pm.

SalesLoft’s Booth:  A booth? You want me to get excited about a booth? Yeah, I do because this won’t be an ordinary booth. With a ton of sessions from some of the industries best and brightest, SalesLoft’s booth will be flooded with Sales and Sales Development Leaders. Come for Craig Rosenberg and John Barrows, stay for Steven Broudy.  Broudy is the Head of Account Development at MuleSoft and my favorite SDR leader. Also, their product rocks, so check it out.

Pardot’s B2B Marketer’s Café:  If your ICP is a B2B organization running Salesforce and Pardot, this should be a goldmine for prospecting.  It’s a great space with food and drink provided—a perfect watering hole for your buyer. Head over there and strike up a convo with your prospects about their advanced nurturing practices.  It’s open Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am-6pm with a 3pm close on Thursday.

Marketo Lounge: Similar to Pardot’s lounge, Marketo’s locale will feature similar prospects with one exception, they’ll be Marketo users instead of Pardot users. It’s taking place at Spin, so brush up on your table tennis skills. Challenge one of your prospects to a quick game of 11.  If they win, you’ll take them off your list.  If you win, they have to take a demo with your AE. Times are a bit all over the place so check out the registration page for more info.

Engagio’s Modern Art Magic: This is a great event if your ICP is made up of companies with a very advanced marketing team. Account-Based Marketing is all the rage, but few companies have actually adopted this practice. Attendees here will be bleeding edge marketers. Impress them with your knowledge of modern art and by stating you think SDRs should be a part of the marketing department.

InsideView’s OpenLounge: This will be chalk full of sessions. Check the list of speakers, find out when they are presenting, then haul ass to the lounge armed with information about your prospect. There are lots of thought leaders in this space, so make sure you’ve read something of they’ve written, and open up a conversation about how inspired you are by their article on Account-Based Marketing. Double points if you meet me here and mention this post!

For more information on Dreamforce, read Maria Pergolino’s blog posts, they’re very comprehensive.

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