Why Your Sales Team Needs a Data-Driven Marketing Team

By June 29, 2016
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The data-driven marketer is on the rise and it is awesome for sales teams.

Marketers and their technology have become the key to understanding prospect outreach and relationship building for sales teams.

In the best case scenario, sales professionals can use the valuable insights and information gained for our friends in marketing to make better informed sales outreach decisions. We can create more efficiency within our process, increase conversions, and plan better and stronger sales plays.

At EverString, we are fortunate to have a very strong team of data-driven marketers that provide support to our sales and sales development teams. If you don’t know Dayna Rothman, you should. She leads our content and demand generation team, and does an amazing job!

I hope this post helps to convey why I think predictive marketing and our data-driven marketing team help our sales team close more deals, gain more new logos, and make more money.

Predictive Marketing and the Marketing Team’s Affect on Sales Efficiency

A salesperson who has a strong bond with marketing can get three to four times more done in a day than the average sales rep with the support of a strong marketing team. There are three ways our predictive platform, in tandem with our marketing team, helps increase sales efficiency.

  • Predictive Account Selection – Predictive account selection allows our marketing team to focus on the same accounts that we sales reps are working on. We share the same target account list so our marketing team can work with us in tandem to push accounts through our sales funnel. #OneTeamOneGoal. How do we do this? Predictive demand generation allows our marketing team to add more accounts into our database that look like our best customers. Because of predictive, we trust the marketing team to know which new accounts we should go after.
  • Predictive InsightsPredictive insights show our marketing and sales teams the unique data-points that make our target accounts look similar and which of these data-points are most important. For example, we know that a substantial amount of the accounts we are going after are high growth companies. This both the sales team and the marketing team craft more targeted messages.
  • Predictive SegmentationPredictive segmentation provides new opportunities for our marketing team to segment our database according to different verticals, predictive insights, and more. This kind of segmentation helps the sales team know which accounts to spend time on, and gives us more insight on how to create our own messages that will resonate with prospects.

Taking this A Step Further: One of the Most Effective Marketing Tactics in the Game

When talking about how marketing effects sales—I have to talk about field events. Field events are small gatherings organized by an event marketer to create high-touch experiences for the sales teams to interact with prospects. These initiatives can be built around target accounts, territories, or events that you are hosting at a given conference or other in-market activity. I’ve seen and experienced great success with this. Our marketing team is able to identify multiple ideal prospects within an account, create high touch outreach experiences, and combine those high touch events with things such as direct mail offerings.

When a marketer can assist a sales team with outreach like this, not only does it increase the likelihood of getting a meeting for the sales rep, but it also increases the chances of converting that meeting into an opportunity. Its a simple methodology, Make the prospect feel special. The high-touch field event is one of the most effective mid-market and enterprise approaches to new business in the 21st century.

Overall, the value of having strong data-driven marketers on your team will pay for itself multiple times over. Happy hunting. These data driven superstars are hard to find, but when you do, be sure to hang on to them.

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