In Sales, are You a Warrior or an Athlete? Check Out Our Survey Results!

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When it comes to sales, are you a lone warrior or a team player? 

That’s the question we recently asked our followers on Facebook. We wanted to see who likes to go it alone while selling, and who prefers a team-based approach. We got a lot of interesting feedback about this topic – read below to see the results:

Overall Results


When it came to the overall results of the survey, more than 70% of the respondents identified as a lone warrior, handling the bulk of the prospecting and sales cycle journey on their own. Since many salespeople are responsible for meeting their quarterly quotas on their own, the “lone wolf” mentality probably plays a big role in this survey feedback.



Men fell slightly above the overall average, as 70.9% identified with the warrior mentality. Just under 30% identified with the team-based, “athlete” persona.



Like men, women identified mostly with the warrior theme but fell just slightly below the average at 69.8% Over 30% identified with the athlete theme – or “team-based approach.”

The results are in and across the board, more salespeople identify with the warrior mentality over the athlete mentality. Be sure to check in next time for our most recent survey results!

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