The Struggle is Real with Manual Sales Prospecting

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When was the last time you or someone on your sales team uttered these famous words?

“I spend half my day chasing down leads.”

Or, maybe you’ve heard this one …

“This list has been contacted too many times.”

And, there is always this standard line:

“I don’t have time to sell because I spend too much of my day prospecting.”

Where do a majority of these complaints stem from? Two words: Manual prospecting. It sort of feels like this:

When really, sales should be like this:

Let AI-Assisted Sales Help

If you’re frustrated with manual sales prospecting, we hear you. It’s slow, inefficient, and often painful to deal with. And as annoying as it may be to hear, there is a lot of truth in the above statements. Both you and the rest of your sales team are more than likely spending way too much time chasing down leads and relying on manual lists, and it’s keeping you from doing the actual work of selling your services and products. The good news? There is a way out of this seemingly never-ending sales cycle.

There’s no reason why you need to keep mining the internet for leads. Tech can literally do the work of pipeline prioritization for you so that you can focus your much-needed time and energy on doing what you do best: closing that next big deal. In the past few years, data use in sales has become an unstoppable driving force, and will keep changing the way sales teams prospect and drive pipeline.

Applied data found in many AI sales platforms, including EverString’s, can give you an extra layer of customer data while you are prospecting – this helps you stay ahead of meeting prep and research. And, it will also help you build pipeline, fast. All you need to do is enter in a company that best represents your ideal customer, and EverString will provide you with similar companies to reach out to – it’s really that simple. With EverString, prospecting can feel like this:


Long story short? EverString is the solution that can help you be the office hero and close more deals in less time. With so much data and automation literally at your fingertips, you shouldn’t be prospecting alone.

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