The Importance of Swim Lanes in Marketing, Sales, and Sales Development

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In this video, we’ll discuss swimlanes — the way to think about messaging coming from Marketing, Sales Development and Sales. Marketing is in charge of educating your total addressable market, the focus of the messaging should be one-to-many. SDRs are in charge of engaging with prospects that have expressed interest in your brand or are expressing intent for a product or service like yours, their focus should be on one-to-few messaging. Sales professionals are in charge of moving prospects through the funnel, their focus should be on one-to-one messaging.


Video Transcript:

“Hey everybody, Matt Amundson here with another Modern Marketing Tip.

So today I want to talk about swim lanes. So swim lanes specifically around Marketing, Sales Development, and Sales.

I want everybody to remember that Marketing is really in charge of one to many Marketing, right? So you’re using a marketing
automation system, something like Marketo, to educate an entire market on what you do.

SDRs should be focused on one to few, which means if you’re using a platform like SalesLoft, you should not be using it as a marketing automation system to send hundreds of thousands of emails on a daily basis.

And Sales, if you’re doing this all correctly, should be one to one, they should be constantly selling.

That means Marketing educates the market, SDRs speak to the people that are engaged to get them qualified for salespeople, and salespeople do selling.”

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