The Next Evolution of Predictive Marketing Has Arrived

By May 3, 2016
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No matter the industry, size of company, or maturity of business, the fundamental challenge of any marketing organization remains the same—how do we identify and capture the right audience and how can we effectively communicate with them?

To date, predictive marketing solutions focused on scoring and prioritizing your database. Today, the new generation of predictive marketing platforms help you do much more, where leveraging data becomes an actionable way to look at the entire business of sales and marketing.

We, at EverString, are proud to announce the release of our next generation solution, the EverString Audience Platform.

Introducing Predictive Segments

The primary innovation in this release of the EverString Audience Platform is predictive segments. A predictive segment enables sales and marketing teams to leverage the thousands of data signals in EverString’s comprehensive Company Graph to create highly defined, data backed groupings of accounts for marketing outreach. With EverString, a marketer or sales person can create a segment themselves in minutes, making this a highly scalable solution for adding a predictive layer into every sales or marketing program.

Predictive segments can be created to drive a huge variety of activities such as marketing programs, events, new product releases, territory planning and expansion, and more. Basically, a predictive segment can be created for anything a marketer would need an account list for, and this opens up a world of new use cases for predictive.

Multiple roles within an organization can now get value from predictive marketing through the introduction of segmentation. A sales development representative can now create a new call list based on their target account list, an event marketer can use a predictive segment to determine what companies to target for an upcoming event using last year’s attendee list, a social marketer can determine what companies to target on LinkedIn based on a group of accounts that converted.

Predictive segmentation is a breakthrough evolution for predictive marketing because it puts the power of data science in the hands of everyone, enabling them to leverage data in every single marketing program or strategy.

Welcome to the next evolution of predictive.

Stay Tuned

With this new and major release to the EverString platform and predictive marketing as a category, we have made some major upgrades! We launched a new website this morning that explains all of our product value propositions and how sales and marketing professionals can use predictive in their day-to-day account outreach. We also have other big announcements coming up in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

If you are going to Marketo Summit, please be sure to stop by our booth and register for our party. And if you are interested in learning more about our brand new platform, we would love to show you a demo! 

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