Top 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Closing Deals & How AI Can Help

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Top 5 Reasons You're Not Closing Deals

There are a lot of reasons why even the most seasoned sales professionals have trouble closing deals. Roadblocks that get in the way during the closing process happen from time to time, and everyone has a different strategy for the way they approach prospects.

That said, no matter the method, there are a few overarching issues that tend to creep up when salespeople experience problems with closing deals. Understanding what those roadblocks are now can help you fine-tune your sales strategy moving forward. Here are a few common reasons why you might be having difficulty closing deals:

1. You’re Selling Benefits Instead of Value

Talking about all of the cool things about your product might seem like the right approach. But in reality, you need to be doing your homework about every prospect and proving your product’s value to their needs. Sales materials are a great starting point, but they will only take you so far when the client asks, “What will this do for me?” This is where accurate sales data becomes so crucial to your day-to-day. Once you truly understand your prospect’s pain points, it makes it that much easier to communicate the value your product can bring them.

2. You Aren’t Asking the Right Questions

While selling your personality is definitely part of sales, you also need to ensure that your pitch isn’t all about yourself. Take the time to really get to know the person you are selling to, from opening to closing, so that you are uncovering any roadblocks to a deal along the way. Not only does this personalize your pitch, but it also shows that you truly do care about this potential client and their company’s success.

3. You’re Not Taking a Multi-Thread Approach

This is definitely one of the more common problems we’ve seen with salespeople, and it makes sense. You call a prospect, they didn’t seem interested, so you threw in the towel. But should you? Taking a multi-thread approach, such as calling their boss or other members of their team, shows that you have a true case for why their product brings value to the company. Most of the time, they will admire your persistence.

4. You Haven’t Quite Mastered Your Close Yet

You need to build trust when you are closing a big deal, and part of that is ensuring you are using the right material during your pitch. This is something that takes time to adjust and perfect, so if you are still new to sales this is something you’ll need to continually improve on. According to Salesforce, applying too much pressure, failing to build trust and overselling your product are some common pitfalls in this area.

5. You’re Not Calling Into Qualified Leads

Pre-qualified leads remove a ton of guesswork (not to mention, time) when you are calling into accounts. When you have an AI sales platform that scores and prioritizes accounts for you, it not only speeds up the sales cycle, but it also gives you more time to focus on your messaging and outreach for each individual account – this personalizes your approach even more and humanizes your pitch.

Closing deals isn’t easy, even for sales superstars. Each prospect is different, and it takes time to perfect your pitch and find the right balance. Let an AI-powered sales intelligence tool do the legwork of prospecting so that you can spend more time making your communication relevant and impactful. See for yourself how EverString’s sales intelligence can help with a free 7-day trial.

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