A Sales Trick-Or-Treating Tale

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Let’s go trick-or-treating, sales style! We’ll start… 

Trick or treat!

‘Trick’, you say?

Alright, imagine this: After years of progressing in your sales role, you’ve landed your dream leadership job. Your sales team is eager and determined, and you’re confident you can lead them towards success. 

Sounds great, right? 

Ah, but there’s a catch.

On that first day, during some downtime between introductory meetings with key stakeholders, you take a gander inside the team’s CRM and GASP! There’s absolutely ZERO integration or automation with a third-party data provider. All prospecting research is done… <gulp>… manually! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


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Pretty haunting, right? Ok, maybe it’s not jump-out-of-your-seat, spit-out-your-candy-corn type of scary. But for a modern sales leader, this scenario would cause quite a fright.

Ok now for a treat…

Imagine the same scenario, but instead of your team spending hours manually researching accounts to glean insights by hand, your CRM is automatically and regularly refreshed with the richest, most accurate data. You and your team are able to stay perfectly in-the-know about each target account, without having to scan dozens of different websites to get there. No more spending hours researching a single company. Instead, do it with a few clicks! 

Talk about a sales leader’s Halloween dream come true.

EverString Sales Intelligence™ makes it possible to integrate the most enriched, real-time business data sourced from the purest point possible, and funneled directly into your CRM accounts. 

Your teams can get straight to prospecting, with updated firmographics, similar companies, keywords, contacts, intent data, advanced insights, news, and trends stored on the account screens in CRM.

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What’s Included With EverString Sales Intelligence

  • On the Overview tab, you’ll find company data at a glance, including a description, industry classifications, the Number of Employees, Annual Revenue, and relevant keywords.
  • The Similar Companies tab enables your reps to identify more accounts to prospect into. If your team just closed a deal, they can identify similar companies to go after and quickly add them to a cadence. If the rep was trying to break into this account, they can see if any deals are in progress with similar companies. This tab also lets them view the opportunity owner and collaborate with them.
  • The Contacts tab allows you to browse and filter up-to-date, verified contacts, and build lists on the fly based on seniority, job titles, and department. Then, instantly create new contacts and leads with a single click, so your sales team can spend more time prospecting
  • The Insights tab is full of rich account intelligence like department sophistication ratings, markets served, and location level data such as Country Codes and the number of addresses per region.
  • The Scores tab displays real-time model scores that you’ve built within the EverString Audience Platform™, allowing you to quickly see how a company stacks up against your ideal buyer. This can include models, like CRM Fit, Fastest Deal Cycle, and Strategic Accounts.
  • Intent shows you which topics are surging for that account. And the Company Lists tab displays the audiences built within the EverString Audience Platform, helping your team identify case studies, white papers, and other documents ideal for sending to your prospects.
  • The News tab provides a refreshed feed of current events, recent headlines, and relevant articles about that business.

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