Triple Touch: A Simple Sales Strategy To Accelerate Prospect Responses

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For those of us on the front lines (sending emails and making our phone calls), getting the attention of B2B prospects can be an uphill battle. That’s why arming yourself with a simple 3-step strategy helps take the guesswork out of your sales cadence.

Below is a straight-forward prospecting strategy that infuses your approach with authenticity, personalization, and efficiency. Give it a try for your next account pursuit and compare your results.

Step 1 – Show Them Your Face (Day 1)

The LinkedIn Connection request is a critical part of your outbound sales engagement strategy. It gives you an opportunity to put a name to a face.

After all, you want your prospects to recognize who you are and what problems you solve for them ASAP.

This initial outreach must ALWAYS be personalized. It helps align the role of the prospect with your solution.

It might look something like this:


Step 2 – Send a Highly Personalized Email (Day 1)

This the most important step of your sales cadence. From here on out, most of your communication and follow-up will revolve around this email.

Make it personalized, more importantly, make it relevant.

Here are some specific tips for crafting an effective prospecting email:

  • Subject-line: Make your subject as relevant and personalized as possible. Your goal is to invoke curiosity so that your prospects will be compelled to (at the very least) open your message.
  • Intro: Once you’ve earned the prospects ‘open’, immediately state the reason for your message. Lead with “I’m reaching out because…” and get right to the point. Be as personal as possible to show you have done your homework. Align the prospect’s role/responsibilities to the problem(s) you can help them solve.
  • Transition: Great, you’ve done your research and you got the prospect to read this much…Now what? I like to use “If you aren’t familiar, here is what (COMPANY NAME) brings to your team…”
  • Body: Next, use bullet points here. This allows the prospect to scan for relevant information. If you are targeting the ideal customer profile your offer should resonate without any further personalization here.
  • Call To Action: Wrap up the email by applying the slightest of pressure. “(FIRST NAME) given your (ROLE/RESPONSIBILITIES) I thought it made sense to connect.”

Use this visual to gauge the value of each type of information you reference:

The Triple Touch-Hot-Cold-EverString

  1. Personal: Referrals, Personal Blogs + Articles, Tweets, Alumni
  2. Professional: Title, duty, empathy on shared pains, competitors, best practices (BUYER PERSONAS!!!)
  3. Company: Press releases, news, 10-K (annual report)
  4. Industry: Trends, best-practices, thought leadership, etc.

Step 3 – Leave a Voicemail Referencing Your Email (Day 1)

Always call with the intention and expectation of a live conversation. This mindset helps for the instances (most of them) where they don’t answer on your first call.

It all comes back to that first email you sent that was personalized and relevant. By doing an excellent job on initial communication, you can now weaponize that same message over the phone, live or through voicemail.

Try something like this:

“Hi {First Name} – This is Tara from {YOUR COMPANY}. The reason for my call is I sent you an email titled {Personalized Headline}. Give me a call back at 510-XDT-DBTT, again this is Tara from {YOUR COMPANY} 510-xxx-xxxx, thanks!”

Try out the Triple Touch sales prospecting strategy today!

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