Top Tweetable Takeaways from Boss Marketer Bootcamp

By October 28, 2016
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We’re all searching for ways to close out the year strong and crush our Q4 goals, right?! Well, look no further! EverString just held it’s first Boss Marketer Bootcamp—a half day virtual event dedicated to helping marketers and sales reps hit goals and drive revenue with the latest and greatest strategies in content marketing, demand generation, Account-Based Marketing, and sales development.

There were some amazing presenters who provided us with actionable insights like Maria Pergolino, J.J. Kardwell and Craig Rosenberg. I now present you with the top themes and best moments of Boss Marketer Bootcamp in tweetable form! If you missed the full experience, you can watch the sessions on-demand here.

Bootcamp Theme #1: Say Hello to Account-Based Everything

“The secret and foundation to a great ABM strategy is the first step – selecting the right target accounts.” via @charliecliang @engagio  Tweet This!
“Aligment of sales and marketing for account-based everything begins with identifying the ideal customer profile.” via @funnelholic  Tweet This!
“We’ve had great success in ABM! We were able to connect w/ over 40% of primary contacts in accounts identified by @everstring.” via @apttus  Tweet This!

Bootcamp Theme #2: Create With Engagement In Mind

“Create content that works for sales + marketing. Identify the content that leads to productive conversations.” via @adambrophy7 @uberflip  Tweet This!
“Want to engage your top ABM target accounts? @jjkardwell reminds us to communicate with them on channels where they want to be reached.”   Tweet This!
“Don’t hit record until you have an objective. The play button is the most compelling one on the internet.” via @vidyard  Tweet This!
“Intentional creativity uses data to reduce content creation options to ones that have a high probability of success.” via @allen @trackmaven   Tweet This!
“Customer advocates can ‘pump up’ and promote your brand at each stage throughout the funnel.” via @influitive   Tweet This!

Bootcamp Theme #3: Sales and Marketing Alignment is More Important than Ever

“As sales catches up to the changing buyer’s journey, account-based sales development has been on the rise.” via @Brandon_Lee_09 @engagio   Tweet This!
“Mapping your buyer’s journey between sales, marketing and executives will help you drive leads through your funnel.” @digijinni @marketo  Tweet This!
“Since ABM is targeted, your team can spend more on marketing to your top accounts – allowing your spend to go further.” via @InboundMarketer  Tweet This!

Bootcamp Theme #4: Demand Gen Marketers are Getting Stuff Done!

“Businesses aligned on account-based are delivering on key revenue metrics. 50% or more are meeting or exceeding goals.” via @funnelholic  Tweet This!
“Modern marketers tracking quality of leads look at conversion from stage to stage, not just conversions as form completions.” via @ewsalus @brightfunnel  Tweet This!
“Through the use of emerging technologies, marketers are able to deliver personalized experiences to target accounts, at scale.” via @jjkardwell   Tweet This!
“Create a foundation of great content + leverage data to focus your programs to win with a small team.” via @dayroth   Tweet This!

What’s the best part of being a certified BMB? Check out our video to find out.

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