UCC Filing Data: How Commercial Finance Teams Use It To Serve Accounts Better

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For modern commercial lending firms, data about UCC filing (Uniform Commercial Code filing) data can represent significant business development opportunities. When you can analyze account and contact data on businesses that have recently applied for a loan, you can personalize outreach, improve meeting effectiveness and better serve clients.

But how and where to best leverage UCC filing data is where the rubber meets the road. Below we help dispel any confusion about this opportunity for sales and marketing teams in the financial services sector.

Defining a UCC Filing

The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) describes UCC filings as follows:

“Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings allow creditors to notify other creditors about a debtor’s assets used as collateral for a secured transaction. UCC liens filed with Secretary of State offices act as a public notice by the “creditor” of the creditor’s interest in the property.”

It serves to establish the priority in case of a debtor default or bankruptcy. It can also be referred to as a UCC Financial Statement, or Form UCC-1.

How UCC Data Helps Commercial Finance Sales & Marketing

In tandem with other modern b2b data, commercial lending teams can leverage UCC filing data to upsell, cross-sell and gain a competitive advantage with hyper-personalized messaging.

UCC filing data key takeaways and industry insights help revenue teams strategize on territory planning, prospecting and other business intelligence.

Here are some example reports available with EverString UCC filing data:



UCC Filing Data Available With EverString

  • Company EverString ID
  • Company Location ID
  • Company Name (HQ)
  • Company Revenue $
  • Company Employee #
  • Company Address
  • Company City, State, Zip
  • Company Industry
  • Secured Party EverString ID
  • Secured Party Location ID
  • Secured Party Company Name
  • Secured Party Revenue $
  • Secured Party Employee #
  • Secured Party Address
  • Secured Party City, State, Zip
  • Secured Party Industry
  • UCC Filing ID
  • UCC Filing Date
  • UCC Expiration Date
  • Departmental Sophistication
  • Creditworthiness
  • Growth Trends, News
  • + Many More

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