[Video] Calling All Bloggers! Blog for EverString and Get Sweet Swag

By January 19, 2016
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Ok, I’m going to cut to the chase. We need more guest bloggers for the EverString blog. Sure, we have a lot of employee contributors and plenty of content, but, we are missing one critical element–the voice of our community.

We want to make sure that our community of marketing and sales thought leaders are represented on our blog, so we are opening the blog flood-gates and requesting guest blog submissions. Send submissions to blog@everstring.com.

Not only will you get exposure and bragging rights when you are posted on our blog, but we will also send you one of these super awesome movie-inspired t-shirts for your efforts. I mean, Goodfellas and Big Lebowski blogging shirts?! #In!

goodfellas_male_mockupB_03 lebowski_male_mockup_05

To make it easy, I have put all of the important information in the bullets below:

Why You Should Blog for EverString

  • Our blog grew 1000% since August (that is not a typo)
  • Become a thought leader in the marketing and sales space
  • We promote every blog on social media
  • We even put PAID promotion behind every blog on Facebook
  • You will get awesome t-shirts

Guest Blog Guidelines:

  • Stick to topics about sales and marketing
  • No hard sell blog posts
  • All posts should be educational and thought leadership
  • Make sure your posts say something unique–(refrain from Twitter 101 posts)
  • Make sure your posts are original content–(no re-posts from other blogs)
Interested? Send your blog post to blog@everstring.com and a member of the content team will get back to you. We will work with you and your content to get it where it needs to be for publishing. And then once your post is live, we will send you your t-shirt!
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