[Video] Stranger Strings: Binge Watch These Sales and Marketing Lessons From The Other Side

By September 27, 2016
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stranger things

*Warning – Spoilers for the Netflix original series, Stranger Things are walking this way. 

Are you battling your own Demogorgon that prevents you from communicating with your leads the way you want to?

Ever since binge-watching the Netflix sci-fi thriller Stranger Things, we’ve been obsessed with the scene where Joyce Byers strings up Christmas lights to watch for signals from the upside down. This now iconic scene inspired us to hang up our own lights to interpret what the best way to communicate with our leads.

In the final episode of Stranger Strings, our sales and marketing wizards explain how to use big data to discover predictive insights about your best leads. Watch as we explore how predictive insights can help you personalize messages to your target accounts.

If you missed a past episode of Stranger Strings, be sure to binge watch all of them here. And if you want to geek-out about Stranger Things with our sales and marketing wizards, be sure to say to them at Booth 125 during DreamForce 2016!  

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