[Video] Stranger Strings: Sales and Marketing Lessons From The Other Side

By September 15, 2016
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stranger things

*Warning – The post contains spoilers for the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. Now’s your chance to click away.


Hello. Is it leads you’re looking for?

In a world of flipped funnels and strange, new marketing tactics – could it be that the old ways are still the best ways? We’ve all been obsessing over the Netflix sci-fi thriller, Stranger Things since it fuses 80’s nostalgia with modern-day special effects and story telling.

In the second episode of Stranger Strings, our sales and marketing wizards explore the iconic phone that Will Byers used to communicate with his mom from The Upside Down. Watch as we explore how the phone can be a central communication line to your best leads.

Stranger Strings: Episode 2

Sitting by the phone like Janice Byers waiting for your leads to call? Catch up on Stranger Strings in the meantime by watching last week’s premiere episode, and enjoy a few of our favorite memes that explain cold calling in a nutshell.

1. The obvious meme

hello is it leads youre looking for

2. When marketers are afraid of who’s on the other side of the line.

hello from the other side meme

3. The truth. #preach

sales call meme

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