[Video] Wish You Had Time To Read More Content? Trust Geeky Marketer to Tell You Key Content Takeaways

By June 30, 2016
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Hey savvy marketers. Boy do we have a surprise for you…

We are excited to introduce the Geeky Marketer series. You know those long content assets you would love to read, but just don’t quite have time for? Well, our geeky marketer Amelia Bedelia has your back. In about 90 seconds, you will hear key takeaways from content assets that can make a difference in your day-to-day life as a marketer.

This week, Geeky Marketer covers our slide deck, 7 Ways to Take Your Marketing From Grody to #YAAS. Find out how to take your marketing into the 21st century. Watch the video now!

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