Ways to Communicate with Prospects

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In this video, I’ll highlight the three common channels SDRs use to prospect — email, phone, and social. All three are important and relevant, so if you only rely on one channel, you’re essentially limiting your ability to get ahold of a prospect because you may not be reaching out on the channel they prefer.


Video Transcript:

“Hey everybody, Matt Amundson here with another Modern Sales Development Tip.

So, there’s a lot of debate on social networks around, “should I just cold call, should I social sell, is it just email only?”

And the reality is, it’s all three, right?

So you want to be sending emails, making phone calls, and reaching out to people on social. And, why, right? Good question.

So, I almost never respond to email. And I rarely open my phone to an unknown number. But I’ll interact with people who are prospecting into me very frequently on social. And some people will answer the phone. And some people want to respond via email, so, by attacking all three channels, you’re much more likely to get ahold of somebody because you want to engage with them in the channel that they like to talk in.”

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