Why I Picked Predictive Marketing. Again.

By October 28, 2015
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Two months ago I went through something most folks in the valley all pine for, my company was acquired. The company I worked for was Fliptop, a predictive marketing solution which was acquired by LinkedIn. While the moment was great, it also provided me an opportunity to pick a new job. And pick I sure did.  I interviewed with over 28 companies (I built a spreadsheet just to keep track).

I interviewed with companies with solutions in CPQ, IT alert management, communication tools, eCommerce, online presentation software, sales communication, A/B testing, and the list went on. Because I live in the Bay Area, I got to check out all sorts of interesting enterprise companies.

In the end the choice was simple. I went with predictive marketing. Again. I’ll tell you why in a round about story. Stay with me.

With MQLs, its Quality over Quantity

One of the companies I spoke with uses a tag line along the lines of “the opportunities are endless”. While extremely optimistic, I found the tagline a bit loose in definition and not for me. As a data driven marketer I need structure, definition, and very clear outcomes. I need the opportunities to be defined, tracked, and measured. Identification of your total addressable market ultimately defines your go-to-market strategy. This approach is the first step towards becoming an account based marketer, which is absolutely not a fad as it is proving real value today. It is a return to age old marketing tactics.

Another company asked me how I could deliver 1,000 MQLs per month. While volume is definitely important, quality is critical. Of course I know how to do that and sincerely doubt that those 1,000 leads are actually qualified. Those leads may be campaign responses, but not of the quality sales can actually connect with have a meaningful dialogue.

Sure, MQLs matter. And I have delivered probably in the vicinity of 200,000 “MQLs” in my career (I have another spreadsheet to keep track of that) and while that number is significant, I’m more proud of the quality that I have delivered.

Why Predictive?

What I was really interested in doing in my next move was activating, engaging, and accelerating all the prospects in an addressable market. Predictive marketing gives me the tools to do just that. Predictive marketing provides me with the insight to identify my target accounts, fill my funnel with the right prospects, and target them with pinpoint accuracy.

The other thing predictive marketing enables me to do is get back to the creative, thoughtful, fun side of marketing. The side includes building compelling campaigns, engaging content, and persuasive messaging that hits home with target buyers.

Choosing EverString

Belief in the power of predictive is why I was attracted to EverString, but a belief system I found in the marketing team, namely, Jim Walker and Dayna Rothman, sealed the deal.  Dayna brings exceptional story telling abilities as the Director of Content Marketing. As a Marketo power user, I’ve probably read half of all the content Dayna created in her 3 year’s time leading content at Marketo. (I’m not going to claim I’ve read everything Dayna’s written because it is a lot!). Jim, our VP of Marketing, brings experience in category creation, product marketing, positioning, and building top notch marketing teams. Both share my belief in predictive as the future of marketing. Our team knows that predictive is a multiplier for creativity and is wildly excited to build this market.

We demand generation marketers have been taught over and over to fill the funnel with leads and let sales do their magic (its magic right? that’s how deals close, right?). Filling the funnel is half the battle. Building a compelling story that speaks to the heart of your audience is what really turns our “MQLs” into happy customers. With predictive we have a better handle on who and what to say.

Interested in joining the team? We are hiring! Check out our careers page.

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