“EverString allows us to be a lot more targeted and sophisticated. The number of qualified opportunities has greatly increased and we’ve minimized time spent qualifying new leads.”

– Tim Harris, VP of Marketing, DialSource

DialSource Drives Sales and Marketing Alignment With Intent-Driven Targeting and a Focused ABM Strategy

See how deep account intelligence helps marketing connect sales with precision-qualified leads.



As a leading sales engagement and voice communication solution native to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, DialSource helps teams drive effectiveness across inside sales teams. In 2018, when DialSource welcomed Tim Harris as the new VP of Marketing, he quickly identified a need to improve targeting and alignment amongst sales and marketing teams.

Shifting their account-based marketing strategy considerably, DialSource partnered with EverString to help identify high-fit accounts, prioritize the best leads to pursue, and optimize synergy between sales and marketing.


“We needed data marketing could trust and sales could feel confident in going after.”

When Harris joined DialSource, sales and marketing were misaligned around KPIs. Marketing thought each lead they generated was ready for sales follow-up, but sales considered a lead ‘qualified’ only if it fit specific criteria and turned into a demo. Both teams wanted their win-rate to increase, but achieving this without a solid account qualification and prioritization system was difficult.

DialSource needed a data-driven system to score accounts based on how well they aligned with their ideal customer profile, and filter out any leads that weren’t a good fit to begin with. Marketing also needed to help sales save time prospecting, by prioritizing which accounts to pursue first.

In order to identify when accounts were showing signs of buyer behavior, DialSource was keen on leveraging third-party intent data but struggled to operationalize it.

Lastly, to streamline their new ABM strategy the solution would have to integrate directly into Salesforce. SDRs and AEs needed to have controls to prioritize outreach and access valuable account insights without leaving their dashboard. Enabling an entire sales prospecting and engagement strategy all from within CRM.


“First, we aligned on what success looks like and then we validated it with EverString.”

To identify the right accounts to target, DialSource leveraged EverString’s Audience Platform to develop a model based on their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). The model used historical data about DialSource’s most successful accounts, including several attributes like industry, employee size, revenue, as well as whether or not each company had the resources and the need to use DialSource’s product.

With a deep understanding of the ideal target account, DialSource’s marketing team began taking responsibility for qualifying leads before sales got involved. Within EverString’s Audience Platform, they selected and monitored intent topics that were relevant to their industry and offerings.

As new leads entered the funnel, marketing would filter the results to validate whether the company is a good fit to begin with, then alert teams when those accounts displayed recent intentions to buy.

Now, DialSource could automatically qualify new account leads with the same level of efficiency that their solution handles call automation for their own clients. The teams began using their new system to instantly qualify leads before involving sales, and they never looked back.

Sales got in on the fun, too. Thanks to EverString’s Sales Intelligence Panel (SIP), DialSource SDRs and AEs could see account fit and intent behavior directly within the Salesforce lead and account views. They also had additional business insights at their fingertips, like firmographics, technographics, key contacts, recent news and more.

“Now we are a lot more targeted and sophisticated. It’s great to walk into the sales floor and hear your reps say ‘I’m having a good conversation with everyone I talk to.”

With such advanced intelligence pulsing through their existing workflows, DialSource was able to completely streamline their account prioritization and outreach customization. As these data points were now in Salesforce they could also build dynamic outreach campaigns inside of DialSource to streamline the serving of records to their SDR team.


DialSource can now pinpoint prospects that have a need for their solution and which teams are actively researching. Harris calls EverString their “fish finder”, helping sales and marketing locate exactly the right customers at the ideal time, while simultaneously avoiding the unqualified ones, too.

With EverString in place, DialSource did things differently at the last Dreamforce conference and it paid off big time! Instead of following up with every scan from their booth, DialSource filtered new leads through their model fit score.

Each lead was immediately and automatically scored based on account fit and intent to buy. That way, DialSource only passed sales leads that showed a fit score of 90 or above indicating a higher likelihood to convert, along with recommendations for personalizing the approach.

Tim noted, “The key that sold me on EverString, was the intent data and seeing a deeper level of knowledge about the contacts and the accounts. Rather than fishing in the entire ocean with any lure you can manage, hoping you catch something beyond an old tennis shoe, I’d rather fish where I know there’s going to be great fish that are hunting down what I’m fishing with.”

“The number of qualified opportunities greatly increased and we’ve minimized the time spent qualifying new leads.”

Now, DialSource can pre-qualify leads based on technographics, company size, firmographics, even some specific use cases to see where the company is at in their digital transformation, saving countless hours of research and prospecting.

Now that both teams are more focused, the trust between the two departments has notably improved. SDRs appreciate the time they save by prospecting only accounts with a high fit score, and marketing feels more confident the right leads are being funneled through.

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