“With EverString, I actually enjoy using CRM.”

– B2B Sales Associate, Minneapolis, MN



How America’s largest media corporation put their sales on the fast-track with better, more integrated data from EverString

The Challenges

Inefficient, manual prospecting to a broad market segment

The largest American mass media corporation sells advertising services to a wide range of markets, industries and geographies. The team wanted to optimize their sales division in order to streamline the process of prospecting to new accounts. Historically, their sales reps would spend up to 2 hours or more per account researching the information needed, planning their approach, and developing the right messaging.

Like many sales teams, they would spend time researching a company’s website, social media, relevant contacts and job roles, all seeking to understand what type of business the account transact. Using this method, the team was able to achieve a high level of accuracy, but for a very small account list. They realized their approach couldn’t scale to the volume they needed to cover.

Such time-consuming prospecting was further hindered by the inaccurate, outdated information their previous vendor provided, paired with little-to-no technology integration features. The team needed a better way.

The Solution

Continuous, high-quality sales intelligence integrated directly into Salesforce

The team turned to EverString for a fully integrated sales intelligence solution that automatically channeled high-quality, accurate business data directly into the team’s Salesforce account views.

“EverString has made me actually enjoy using our CRM.”

The EverString Sales Intelligence™ tool delivers everything right inside Salesforce. Now, the sales reps could toggle between advanced insights on each account they cared about. They could spend a few seconds browsing information like firmographics, technographics, keywords, similar companies, and intent data, even social media profile URLs, without having to go to an external site.

The sales team used EverString to easily identify net new accounts using specific criteria that fit their ideal customer. With such high-quality ratings, the team knew
they could rely on EverString’s Sales Intelligence Panel to have all the metrics they’d need, like company size, industry classification, and B2B/B2C not only filled in, but accurate too.

Sales team members could create a new account/lead, and within minutes, they would have all the latest contacts, news, and industry trends, which let the team jump right into further personalizing their messaging.

Ultimately, over 3,800 seats of EverString’s Sales Intelligence Panel were deployed throughout a 3-month project duration. With guidance from the EverString Customer Success Team, they started the initial pilot phase that focused on training the inside sales team of 80 users. The closely coordinated training included rounds of user feedback and follow-up sessions.

Once the initial pilot group was trained and comfortable, a step-by-step deployment out to the entire sales organization began, which included recurring in-person and online trainings, available support office hours for drop-in questions, and designated “playtime” with the tools, all designed to help ensure users felt most successful with the tool.

The Results

200x faster prospecting, instantly

“It’s efficient and fast. AEs can get contacts in 5 minutes when the rest of their leads had already gone stale. We found someone that wasn’t even on our radar yet. So this tool is going to be instantly valuable and already so intuitive.”

What once would take 2 hours, now took 30 seconds or less, instantly making prospecting 200x faster. Within 2 weeks, the first round of enabled users were “using EverString nearly every single time they reach out to a company for research or to find contacts.” The sales team’s first win came in just a few weeks, when a user reached out to a contact they found using EverString and closed the deal within 3 days.

Quality contact information helped reps sound more reputable with each outreach since they could easily identify who they wanted to connect with. Quality account data delivered directly to their Salesforce account views, like firmographics, technographics, intent, news, industry trends, and more, helped reduce their time spent researching and planning each account’s approach.

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