Customer Story: tripactions

“I don’t consider EverString as another vendor, but a valued partner.”

– Jeremy Bromwell, VP of Marketing

TripActions’ accounts performed 30% faster

Jeremy Bromwell of TripActions Finds Harmony with EverString

TripActions has emerged as an innovative leader in the world of corporate travel. To sum it up, TripActions utilizes data science to limit the headaches often associated with booking business trips. Insight into this sector couldn’t be more relevant, as business travel continues to grow: According to the U.S. Travel Association, a whopping $296.3 billion was spent in 2015 alone on on business travel expenditures and incentives worldwide, making this a constantly growing industry that isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

From travel managers to finance executives, many people who are involved with the ins and outs of business travel have simplified their day-to-day thanks to TripActions unique features such as a travel savings dashboard, global inventory of flights, hotels and cars, and corporate discounts.

Jeremy Bromwell is a born storyteller and VP of Marketing at TripActions with a keen perspective on EverString’s solutions and how they shape multiple marketing approaches.


When Jeremy joined TripActions, he was working on a small team that needed a go-to-market plan quickly with a uncomplicated workflow. He also wanted a platform that allowed his team to search for companies they had worked with in the past in order to find new leads and determine TripActions’ messaging and marketing outreach strategy.

Like all marketing departments, Jeremy was operating within a budget and knew he needed technology that could work to scale and prove its worth. Validating TripActions’ go-to-market strategy and execution with self-service exposure was also a must.

Why EverString?

Jeremy looked at several options in the predictive marketing space, including other vendors, in the first year. However, after a head-to-head bake off, EverString ended up coming out on top.

At TripActions, Jeremy was sold on EverString’s self-service dimension. After all, with so many companies having travel needs in this space, TripActions wanted a tool that worked to their scale – a small team. Jeremy didn’t have a sales development team quite yet, so he also wanted to ensure that he wasn’t working with a vendor, but a partner.

EverString Processes that Benefitted Sales and Business Ops

Jeremy noticed that once he added EverString’s platform to his overall marketing strategy, accounts were performing at a much faster rate — 30 percent to be exact. Time and resources were also saved thanks to EverString, especially from a firmographic perspective. The Audience Platform let Jeremy and his team understand the highest velocity to meet their sales goals.

The TripActions team also had the tools they needed to pull their demos from a database, then let the EverString platform do the work of audience segmentation for them. Taking things a step further, EverString also let Jeremy and his team test and optimize audiences in real time. Marketers often have a tough time determining who their current contact at a company is, but with the real-time data optimized in the EverString platform, that guesswork was a thing of the past.
Lastly, Jeremy was able to connect far beyond the company-vendor dynamic and considers EverString as a partner. Thanks to his regular calls with Christine Hayden, a member of EverString’s Customer Success team, he was able to get responsive updates as it relates to the platform and renewed the continuity he was seeking.

TripActions’ Growth and How EverString Plays a Role

A lot of big things are happening at TripActions in the future, as the company is looking to double the amount of account executives. Because they are moving into a territory model, TripActions needs to find the accounts to remarket and nurture in order to stay competitive and promote its company values of transparency, disruption and innovation.

TripActions will also need to continue to validate their go-to-market strategy and fuel their growing SDR team by providing them with easy-to-use prospecting and selling tools like EverString. As their pipeline accelerates, it’s likely that EverString will keep up with their fast-moving pace while still striking a harmonious chord as a true business partnership.