“With EverString, we identified exactly the right accounts to target and saw a 317% increase in sales-accepted leads.”

– Jeff Marcoux, VP of Marketing TTEC

317% increase in Sales-accepted leads


Initially Flying Blind

TTEC is a global outsourcing organization delivering customer experience services, strategic insights, and the technology ecosystem to support it all. As the VP of Marketing, Jeff Marcoux leads a diverse team of professionals, who initially approached account selection by listening mostly to sales opinions and CRM data. The team would deploy different marketing tactics here and there, but none were especially laser-focused.

“We were flying blind, relying on named accounts and opinions but not a data-driven approach to go-tomarket. We needed to get much more effective, much more targeted.”
– Jeff Marcoux, VP of Marketing, TTEC

Jeff’s team also lacked a clear definition of who to target and where to find them. TTEC needed a way to evaluate their potential market, and surface only the companies that were an especially good fit for TTEC and further identify any that were actively researching a solution they could provide.
Once TTEC’s high-fit accounts were defined, Jeff also needed a way to pinpoint the ones they were most likely to win, and flush out which product messages would perform best.

A Fundamental Shift

Jeff knew he needed more focus to drive better go-to-market (GTM) performance. The team evaluated leading data providers and quickly realized EverString stood out with significantly better quality data, seamless integration and a bet customer experience.

Quality Data & Custom Modeling

TTEC has multiple lines of business and complex market factors. EverString’s data modeling capabilities were especially critical to help boil down the ocean of potential companies to target.

“With EverString, not only did we identify exactly the right accounts to go after, but we saw the data-driven reasons why.”

Using the EverString Audience Platform™, TTEC now has a much broader set of data points, like advanced acccount insights and unlimited access to over 70M verified contacts.
They also can quickly build models on the fly to surface which companies are the best fit in each unique scenario.

Easy Integration

The Everstring Sales Intelligence Panel™ changed the game for TTEC, by delivering advanced insights like business sophistication rankings, markets served, and location details directly into Salesforce their marketing automation platform.

TTEC teams now have access to all the high-quality data points and insights they need, when and where they need them most.

“Putting EverString data directly in front of our sellers in a tool they use every day makes EverString not just a marketing tool, but a whole GTM tool for us.”

Superior Customer Experience

Once the platform was implemented, EverString didn’t just leave TTEC’s side. Instead, a close ongoing collaboration ensued, including driving sales adoption and integration into the rest of their marketing programs.

Whenever TTEC needs more advanced models developed, the EverString Team is ready to help, offering new perspectives, solutions and showing genuine interest in helping TTEC succeed.

Year-Over-Year Growth

TTEC’s GTM performance has grown substantially year-over-year since using EverString. Instead of basing decisions purely on opinion, Jeff’s marketing and sales teams now have a fundamentally different approach with high-quality data at the foundation of it all.

“Our sales team religiously looks at EverString data in Salesforce. Sales, marketing, and executive leadership are all collaborating better. And we’re seeing significant results.”

Since working with EverString, TTEC has achieved:

  • 150% increase in sales-qualified leads
  • 317% increase in sales-accepted leads
  • 592% increase in marketing-sourced leads
  • 48% to 67% increase in conversion rate

EverString’s data provides a level of clarity TTEC has never seen before, and it’s helping them break company records consistently.

With EverString, TTEC also gained:

  • New accounts to target
  • Better account intelligence
  • More meetings scheduled and held
  • Higher lead-to-opportunity conversion rate

Ongoing, TTEC and EverString continue to work together. As they considers new markets and geographies, EverString data and modeling supports TTEC’s strategic decision-making and drives day-to-day GTM performance.