Customer Story: salesloft

“EverString helps us prioritize our sales and marketing efforts around the right accounts. Today, EverString A-grade companies are 700% more likely to convert.”

– Kevin O’Malley, VP of Marketing, SalesLoft

More Likely To Convert

700% more likely to convert

Kevin O’Malley, VP of Marketing for SalesLoft, turned to EverString to help with target account selection.

SalesLoft is the system of record for sales development reps to track all email, phone, and social touches with prospects. Since its founding in 2011, SalesLoft has signed on over 1,500 clients and 30,000 users worldwide who have increased qualified appointments and demos by 300% on average.

As the company grew and evolved, it decided to embrace an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach. The team started to analyze its customer database to determine what set valuable accounts apart from the others. Specifically, SalesLoft wanted to understand their best-fit customer profile. That’s when Kevin O’Malley, VP of Marketing for SalesLoft, turned to EverString to help with target account selection.

Challenge: Leveraging the Customer Data that Matters

According to Kevin, when a company shifts to ABM, it often goes through a painful transformation around which accounts to target. When SalesLoft was making that transition, they discovered a gap in their process for understanding their ideal accounts.

SalesLoft wanted to start with their existing customer base, and understand what was driving their customers to have a need for technology for sales development reps.

EverString helped SalesLoft not only identify the accounts they should go after for their ABM strategy.

EverString actually showed SalesLoft the signals that indicated readiness for sales development technology. Signals like these companies were already investing in technology, raising capital, and buying accounting systems! Essentially, most companies that were investing in SalesLoft were high growth companies. EverString was able bring those insights to life.

Solution: Awakening to New Buying Signals

As Kevin considered his options, EverString stood out from the pack. Much like SalesLoft, EverString offers tools that leverage data to enable better decision making for sales and marketing. Moreover, EverString’s platform is account-based, providing insight into both accounts and leads making EverString the perfect choice for SalesLoft’s new ABM strategy.

Once he selected EverString, Kevin was impressed with how fast EverString got his team up and running using machine learning and data model to prioritize SalesLoft’s prospects. With EverString, Kevin and the team at SalesLoft could see critical data that indicated whether or not a company was a good fit for
the SalesLoft solution.

“We would never have uncovered these insights without a predictive model,” he says.

One month into using EverString, Kevin compared the sales team’s win reports to EverString company ratings. What he saw blew him away. Sales reps were achieving a win rate above 80% when pursuing companies rated As and Bs by EverString, but only won 5% of deals when focused on C- and D-rated companies. Kevin immediately emailed management about the results and underscored the importance of allocating the company’s limited resources to high-rated companies that are a good fit for SalesLoft.

“We knew we needed to commit ourselves to companies that resemble our current customer base and EverString helps us quickly identify those,” Kevin

Simply put, with EverString, SalesLoft’s marketing team can quickly guide sales reps to the most fitting target accounts.

The EverString Advantage

In his role, Kevin is focused on aligning marketing resources to build and optimize a lead-to-renewal discipline for content, sales development, sales, and customer success teams. EverString has become a key factor in improving the speed and accuracy of creating predictable and scalable revenue.

Kevin says, “If I had a marketing superpower, I’d be able to connect the dots between tens of thousands of attributes to determine whether or not a company was a good fit for our prospecting efforts. With EverString, I get that superpower”

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