Data Science and Advanced Analytics

End the cycle of “garbage in, garbage out” by feeding your MDM, operations, finance, risk, and credit teams with the most accurate, up-to-date, and actionable data.

Data as a Service (DaaS)

All the precise data you need, at the volume you need it. See more than 100 million companies clearly, with over 20,000 attributes and nearly 40 million contacts to guide you. Flexible access via API, CRM, marketing automation, CSV, or our web-based application means your workflow won’t change–it will just get smarter.

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Proprietary Indicators, Business Tags, and Insights

Work with data that’s as unique as your business. Using finely tuned indicators and insights, your sales and marketing team can home in on accounts that are a good fit or are ready to purchase a product or service like yours.

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Industry Classification

Understand your target accounts more deeply and thoroughly. In addition to providing the most accurate NAICS and SIC classification, EverString also provides proprietary keywords for every business, providing 400 times more granular detail than 6-digit NAICS or 4-digit SIC codes. This enables you to drill down to reveal if a software company is a CRM business or an email service provider, as just one example.

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Semantic Graphs

Access an unrivaled business knowledge graph, which maps the similarities and interconnections between all companies. Through web crawling and Natural language processing (NLP), EverString’s knowledge graph understands companies at a level of detail 400 times more granular than 6-digit NAICS codes or 4-digit SIC codes. This enables you to quickly find lookalike and similar companies, segment at the most nuanced level possible, and enable the most accurate model building.

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Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Propensity Modeling

Spend just minutes, not months, building data-driven models of one or multiple Ideal Customer Profiles with a high propensity to buy. Use these insights to help your sales and marketing teams be more efficient by focusing their effort where it’s likeliest to pay off.

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