How Better Business Data Powers


Free your sales team to do what they do best — close deals, using a data-driven approach to territory planning, prospecting, account prioritization, and more. Explore the tabs below to learn more.

Territory Planning

See your customer from 360 degrees in just a few clicks, helping you better understand every dimension of the accounts you serve. Firmographics, technographics, news, insights, intent, and accurate contacts all combine to ensure every plan you make is well informed and strategic.

HR Tech Provider Maps Success With Modern B2B Data:
A leading HR technology provider headquartered in Houston, TX, was targeting a rather narrow list of markets which, upon closer inspection, ended up not strongly aligned to their core offerings. By strategically leveraging account fit data, they were able to reprioritize only the accounts that were highly suited to buy their solutions and avoid wasting time in less fruitful markets. read more


No more searching for the right account, or spending hours scouring Google and Linkedin for intel. Instead, offload that administrative work to an AI platform and stay focused on your outreach. Personalize your message and engage the right contacts with verified email addresses and phone numbers to ensure your prospecting activities always land in the right inbox.

Media Giant Wins Sales Hearts With Better Prospecting:
A massive American media corporation wanted to optimize their advertising sales division, selling to a broad range of industries and markets. Historically, their sales representatives would spend upwards of 2 hours per account researching the important information needed to plan their approach and develop the right messaging. Once they integrated the EverString Sales Intelligence Panel into SalesForce, within seconds their reps could toggle between advanced insights on each account they cared about. They could spend a few seconds browsing information like firmographics, technographics, keywords, similar companies, and intent data, then start messaging their outreach right away. What once would take 2 hours, now took 30 seconds or less, making prospecting 240x faster. With thousands of sales representatives across the country, that compounds to 5,000+ staff hours saved. read more

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Social Selling

Uncover the right people, at the right accounts, and layer continuously-updated intent data to know when they show interest in your (or your competitor) solutions or services. This enables you to prioritize your time and focus on engaging with target prospects who are in-market right now.

Commercial Banking Institution Capitalizes On Data:
The nation’s leading provider of consumer and business credit already has a well-established brand, but wanted to specifically target SMBs that were looking for new business loans. They narrowed in on exactly the accounts that were in this market, by leveraging EverString’s UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) Filing Data, which indicated when a company had applied for a business loan and when that application was due to expire. They reached out through online and direct mail engagements that were customized, relevant, and timely. They boosted competitive advantage and identified new upsell opportunities within existing customer accounts, making the program a huge success ongoing. read more

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Account Insights

Spend your time selling, not sorting through dirty data. Quickly access the most accurate business data on company name, website, employee count, revenue, location, industry, and many more insights for your accounts. Ensure that leads route properly and you reach out with messages that resonate with your prospects best.

Global Logistics Delivers Success With In-Depth Insights:
The world’s leading logistics brand, sought to engage with SMBs across a broad range of activities, including small teams that transact large amounts of online shopping and/or regional shipping. The challenge was that small businesses usually operate with small employee counts, each team member wearing several hats, making it challenging to prioritize which accounts were the best fit. The firm engaged EverString’s advanced insights, including marketing sophistication ratings, UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filing data, and other technographics like which e-commerce platform the accounts used. By customizing the data points that are most relevant to the unique business needs, and delivering a vast scale of highly accurate data made the program a massive success. read more

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