AI-Assisted Underwriting

Identify risk and drive growth with machine learning and comprehensive company data

Automate the identification of high-risk companies

Industry Classification

Automated labeling of industries and sub-industries for more precise risk decisions

Predictive Risk Modeling

Self-service predictive analytics to identify high-risk companies in real-time

Anomaly Flagging

Identify known and potential problems and discrepancies in application data

Growth Indicator

Quantify a company’s growth relative to all companies and its peers

Hiring Indicator

Aggregated hiring activity by company and department

Stability Indicator

Proactively identify signs of stability and instability for any company

Accelerate growth with AI-assisted sales and marketing

Accelerated Pipeline Creation

Rapidly build closeable pipeline at scale with our self-service platform

AI-Assisted Prospecting

Find relevant companies and contacts in seconds rather than hours using artificial intelligence

Sales and Account Intelligence

Access insights, contacts, firmographics, technographics, intent and more for every company

Intent Monitoring

Identify companies that are actively researching your products, services and competitors

Pipeline Prioritization

Focus your team’s time and resources on the prospects that matter most, with predictive scoring

Account-Based Marketing and Sales

Automate target account selection, and customize outreach by account and person

The most advanced and automated data science paired with the most comprehensive and accurate company data

Intuitive, Self-Service Interface

SaaS platform built for business users

API Access

Always-on access to every platform element

Seamless Integration

Integrate in minutes, or use standalone

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