Master Data Management (MDM)

We enable MDM teams to unify data sources and improve data quality so they can streamline data sharing across the entire organization.

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Align Data Foundation

Everyone works better when everyone works together. Eliminate data silos and unify the data used by your Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, Risk, and Credit teams by establishing a single, accurate, up-to-date source of truth across your entire organization.

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Align Data Foundation
Improve Data Quality

Improve Data Quality, Coverage, and Depth

Unlike other data sources that force you to choose between coverage and quality, we provide the highest level of accuracy across the largest set of businesses. Our data drills deep, too, giving your team a unique understanding of every company.

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Corporate Linkage & Hierarchies

Understand parent/child relationships between businesses and quickly identify companies that are subsidiaries of larger organizations or have recently merged or been acquired by another business entity.

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Corporate Linkage and Hierarchies
Matching, Entity Mapping and De-duplication

Matching, Entity Mapping, & De-duplication

Solve the most common and chronic data quality issues and get the right information every time. Our industry-leading account matching methodology generates accurate data by properly mapping entities and de-duplicating entries.

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Real-Time Enrichment

You need data that moves as quickly as your business. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to collect, clean, and deliver the most up-to-date data, helping you stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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Real-time Enrichment

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