Master Data

Everyone works better when everyone works together. Eliminate data silos and unify your Finance, Operations, Marketing and Sales teams by establishing a single, accurate, up-to-date source of truth across your entire organization.

Master Data

Master Data as a Service (MDaaS)

Seamlessly integrate accurate account and contact data as well as thousands of additional insights into your business workflows. Access data through our web application, via API or through secure file exchange.

Flexible Integration to Any Platform

EverString Enrichment APIs matches account data in real time. Thus, all of your inbound visitors will be routed to right representatives in real time. You can also eliminate unnecessary field on your website by enriching the account data with more information.

Flexible Integration

Corporate Linkages, Locations, and Hierarchies

Understand parent/child relationships between businesses and quickly identify companies that are subsidiaries of larger organizations or have recently merged or been acquired by another business entity.

Contact Data Verification

Don’t spend another second trying to chase down contact data for every lead, contact, or person within your CRM. We’ve done that work for you, uncovering validated email addresses and phone numbers for more than 68 million contacts from our own proprietary database.

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