Bringing the power of AI to Sales & Marketing

As the leader in AI-assisted SaaS for B2B, EverString is one team with one goal: enabling sales and marketing teams to be more productive and effective.

Management Team

The EverString Team has an ongoing commitment to introduce groundbreaking AI capabilities and product features so that marketing and sales professionals can further accelerate pipeline creation, new customer acquisition and revenue growth.

J.J. Kardwell

CEO and Co-Founder

Vincent Yang

Executive Chairman and Co-Founder

Jeff Stephens


Amit Rai


Rakesh Gowda


Matt Amundson


The Story of EverString

EverString started as a simple but bold idea in 2012, born out of our co-founders’ real-life challenges with the traditional manual approach to sales, sales development and marketing. Co-founder Vincent Yang came up with a solution that combined machine learning, natural language processing and massive-scale data to deliver real-time results for lead acquisition and qualification.

After a research and development period, Vincent Yang and J.J. Kardwell launched EverString in the spring of 2014, and shortly after, EverString Audience Platform was released. EverString is committed to working as a team to create the most innovative, data-driven and AI-enabled solutions for B2B sales and marketing professionals.

Our Investors

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