Bringing the power of AI to Sales & Marketing

EverString, a ZoomInfo company, is a leader in AI-assisted SaaS for B2B. Our passion is data, our mission is to enable sales and marketing teams to be more productive and effective.

The Story of EverString

EverString started as a simple but bold idea born out from challenges with the traditional manual approach to sales, sales development and marketing. In 2014, after extensive research and development, co-founder Vincent Yang and J.J. Kardwell launched the Everstring Audience Platform, a solution that combined machine learning, natural language processing and massive-scale data to deliver real-time results for lead acquisition and qualification.


In November of 2020, EverString was acquired by ZoomInfo, the leader in go-to-market B2B intelligence solutions. The acquisition further enabled ZoomInfo to empower its customer base , providing the foundation needed for enterprises to identify their total universe of customers and prospects, define their ideal profiles, leverage granular keywords and attributes to predict success, and focus their go-to-market motions.

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