As Account Based Marketing becomes more and more prevalent marketing practices have begun to shift and evolve. Prospects require a far more personalized approach from the companies that seek to engage with them. Sales Development Reps, while once the beneficiaries of marketing’s lead-based activities, have now begun to shift to an outbound mindset. Working in tandem with marketing, SDRs need to become the personalized channel for their organization’s marketing practice in order to effectively engage prospects to begin a sales cycle with their sales teams.

Join Matt Amundson, Vice President of Sales Development and Field Marketing at EverString, as he discusses the new motions and tactics required for SDRs to rapidly build scalable, repeatable and most importantly closable pipeline. Learn:

  • How to align Marketing, Sales Development and Sales to achieve revenue goals
  • How to build an outbound SDR process that’s more effective than inbound
  • How to train SDRs to create compelling events that drive engagement with prospects, start sales cycles and lead to net-new business