The data you need to identify and assess risk more effectively. We’ve unified the nuances of human knowledge with the speed and reliability of a machine to deliver accurate scores, signals and models, helping you develop informed and accurate risk assessments every time.

A.I.-Assisted Underwriting

Human instinct and experience meets computer intelligence. We’ve trained a machine to understand the complexities of business risk identification, enabling your team to be faster, more accurate and more efficient.

AI Assisted Underwriting


Eliminate the need for business credit reports, and directly access all the data you need about any company to make the credit decisions that matter to your business. Access the most accurate firmographics, industry classification, and machine learning insights to support Know Your Customer (KYC), new customer on-boarding, and credit underwriting.

Business Stability, Default Risk, & Growth Scoring

We’ve created proprietary indicators to score a company’s stability, default risk and their propensity for growth. The result is an accurate credit risk score, every time.

Business Stability
Predictive Risk Modeling

Predictive Risk Modeling

We provide self-service predictive analytics to identify high-risk companies in real time. We help our customers understand key risk factors of each business in order to make better and more informed decisions.

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)

Assess risk thoroughly and accurately in a way that’s meaningful for your business. From our exhaustive database of companies, contacts and signals, build high-priority customer models based on your past success and use it to quickly and easily understand associated risks.

Data Science As A Service (dsaas)

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