Sales and Marketing

Your sales and marketing teams need to move faster, engage soon, and offer more meaningful interactions than ever before. To do that, they need more than just data. They need a perspective. They need to know where the best-fit accounts are, what they’re looking for, and when they’re in the market for a solution or service like yours.


Marketing and Sales Intelligence Software

Bring target businesses into sharp focus with access to meaningful, account-specific signals and attributes, available directly inside your existing sales and marketing technology stacks for quick and easy reference.

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Audience Building for Programs and Campaigns

With a few clicks, quickly build a list of accounts and contacts that look like your existing customers and are in the market for a solution like yours. Full integration with your marketing stack means that you can move your programs from concept to launch, helping you build more pipeline in less time.

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Propensity Modeling

Spend just minutes, not months, building data-driven models of one or multiple Ideal Customer Profiles with a high propensity to buy. Use these insights to stretch your marketing dollars further by focusing your effort where it’s likeliest to pay off.

Audience Building
Data and Insights

Enrichment of Firmographics and Insights

Quickly append firmographic data and insights on the account you already have in your CRM, or add new accounts already enriched with all the insights you need to sell and market more effectively.

Matching, Entity Mapping, and De-duplication

Solve the most common and chronic data quality issues and get the right information every time. Our industry-leading account matching methodology generates the most accurate data by properly mapping entities and de-duplicating entries.

Verified Contacts

Uncover the right people, at the right accounts, every time with more than 68 million contacts at your fingertips. Verified email addresses and phone numbers ensure that your programs always land in the right prospect’s inbox.

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Intent Monitoring

Use in-depth intent data to uncover high-fit accounts that are escalating their research on relevant topics, terms and brands related to your offering, giving you a head-start in the race to engage.

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Data as a Service (DaaS)

The precise data you need, at the volume you need it. See more than 100 million companies clearly, including over 20,000 attributes and more than 68 million contacts to guide you. Flexible access via API, CRM, MAP, CSV or our web-based application means your workflow won’t change – it will just get smarter.

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)

Accelerate your prospecting by putting data to work for your business. From our exhaustive database of companies, contacts and signals, build high-priority customer models based on your past success or by segmenting data according to your unique business needs.

Data Science

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