Deep sales intelligence

at your fingertips

EverString Sales Intelligence Panel and Reports integrates with any sales CRM to streamline your team’s entire sales cycles

Fit Score + Intent = High Quality Accounts

Run reports in your CRM with EverString's custom Fit Score and Intent fields and you have a powerful and actionable list of high-fit accounts who are actively in market for your product

Discover similar companies

Start with a company you just closed to see a list of accounts that look just like that deal. Easily add net-new accounts to your CRM. 

“I think there are a lot of creative ways to use EverString, and it’s exciting to do so. I’m able to see a lot of new accounts so quickly, and it saves a ton of time in my day.”

— Rob Anderson, Manager of Outbound Business Development

Search contacts

Filter contacts by seniority, department and title

Surface the insights you need to start a conversation

View company details, technographics, and other insights without ever leaving your CRM

More Benefits

Intuitive to use

No lengthy training required, you see the ROI benefits right away

Integrates into your existing workflow

Easily publish the data you need to CRM or your marketing automation system

Actionable insights, not just data

The insights you need for personalized communications

Start discovering relevant companies today