Transform the Way You Grow Revenue

Use AI and machine learning to accelerate pipeline growth and new customer acquisition

Marketing Solutions

EverString Audience Platform empowers marketers to build consistent, closable pipeline for their sales teams by prioritizing their databases and identifying high-fit, net new accounts

Accelerate Pipeline Creation

Demand generation doesn’t stop with acquisition. Use predictive marketing for multi-channel demand acceleration to move accounts through your funnel and into your pipeline at a much faster rate. Predictive marketing helps you define what programs are most valuable and enables building additional marketing influenced pipeline.


Prioritize Accounts for Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a marketing strategy that focuses on building relationships with a key group of target accounts. However, in order to be successful with ABM, you must know who to target. Predictive marketing provides data-backed intelligence on how to select your target accounts so your ABM programs have a much higher success rate.


New Market Expansion

Entering a new market is challenging without the right data. Whether launching a new product or expanding business into new geographic markets, it’s tough to know where to start. With EverString Audience Platform (EAP), build audience segmentation and expansion lists to more efficiently target ideal new prospects and expand reach faster than your competition.


Sales Solutions

EverString Audience Platform empowers sales professionals to crush their quota by identifying the best accounts and providing actionable insights, reducing the time required to engage and close new customers

AI-Enabled Prospecting

EverString Audience Platform (EAP) gives your sales reps the information required to effectively prospect into new and existing companies. By leveraging EAP data on companies relevant to your business, efficiently prioritize target accounts for your reps to prospect.


Funnel Prioritization

What if you could use data to prioritize your account list? With EAP, you get exactly that – no more guessing which accounts to call first. By concentrating on targets with the best fit for your business/product, sales professionals accelerate accounts through your funnel. Use the power of predictive audience segmentation to shorten your sales cycle and close more deals.


Organizational Alignment Around Target Accounts

With EverString Audience Platform, alignment of marketing and sales programs is a reality. Just as sales teams use EAP to find new prospects and accounts within their given territories, marketing can use EAP to find new accounts and exapand into new markets on a macro level. This ensures quality leads are constantly moving through the funnel from marketing to sales.


“With EverString, when I run a campaign, I can go in and show our sales team which of the contacts that we’re identifying are going to be the ones that are going to have the best chance at conversion.”

— Steve Susina, Marketing Director, Lyons Consulting Group

“EverString’s portal is self-sufficient. I can go in there and do the stuff I need to do without bothering anybody.”

— Griff Kilber, Sales Enablement Manager, Magenic

“EverString helps find exactly who I need to talk to and how to get a hold of them.

— Amir Shobeiri, Account Director, Nika Labs

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