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The precision of human intelligence with the processing power of AI

The Historic Trade-Off:

Coverage vs. Accuracy

For all of history, companies have had to choose between high coverage and high accuracy. Why? Because data vendors who aimed for accuracy could only produce small lists. And vendors who aimed for coverage couldn’t cleanse it all.

With EverString, you no longer have to choose

EverString lets you have your cake and get to eat it too. Our data platform delivers the highest coverage and highest accuracy of any data vendor for all U.S. companies. That’s because unlike other vendors, we’ve pioneered a new, automated way of creating our own data...

EverString Data Platform

The EverString Data Platform is fully automated and employs a mixture of AI and humans to discover, clean, and operationalize B2B data for itself. It thinks like a person but moves with superhuman speed. The result is greater accuracy, greater coverage, and a constant data refresh so that salespeople and marketers to team up, stop guessing, and land better deals faster.

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